‘The Purge’ Threat: Could This Be the Beginning of Martial Law?


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According to officials in Louisville, Kentucky, threats have been made on Facebook of a true-to-life “purge” that is said to take place this weekend beginning at 8:30 in the evening Friday and ending at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. An altered image from the The Purge film’s promotional poster began circulating on the social site this week with the word “Louisville” along with the above time and date. Police officers have taken the threat very seriously, regardless of whether or not it is a prank. Officials and residents in Louisville are truly hoping that the threats end up being a hoax presented by a few kids who were inspired by the movie and wanting to have a bit of fun. But if the purge threat comes true and does actually happen this weekend, could this be the beginning of martial law?

The film The Purge takes place in the near future where all crimes are considered legal for a period of 12 hours. People can commit rape, assault, murder, robberies, arson and any other crime without being prosecuted during that time. The Purge was released in 2013 and starred Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey and Max Burkholder. The Purge: Anarchy, the film’s sequel, was released on July 18 of this year and starred Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo and Zach Gilford. In both movies, martial law is enforced and victims are required to defend themselves against the potential threats of severe violence.

the purgeAlthough it is unclear whether the threats in Louisville, Kentucky are genuine, WKLY Radio reported that some residents have already armed themselves just in case. If the purge threat turns out to be authentic and does, in fact, take place this evening, many people might have to defend themselves if the police are unable to respond to every call. Could this be the beginning of martial law? Police officials and the FBI plan to act accordingly just in case the purge does actually happen.

The potential areas for the Louisville violence to occur include a Katy Perry concert, Kentucky’s State Fair, and events related to high school sports. It has also been documented that there are people determined to enforce the purge in Detroit, Michigan, where the Pop groups One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are scheduled to perform. In addition, other cities have received similar threats, including Jacksonville, Florida and Jefferson, Indiana.

Both bands have urged their fans to “stay inside for your own safety” after their concert and to avoid hanging out around the venue or at their hotels. A One Direction follower commented on Twitter stating the alleged purge is planned to happen in Detroit during the time that the band is going be there. “I’m freaking out.”

Again, law enforcement representatives are optimistic that the online threats will end up being a practical joke from teenagers inspired by the movie and that no crime will transpire. Because no one is sure whether or not the danger is valid, everyone is Louisville, Detroit, Jacksonville and Jefferson are encouraged to stay indoors to avoid any possible risks. If a purge does, in fact, come about after the threats and police officers become overwhelmed by the violent acts that are occurring, it could possibly be the beginning of martial law in those cities.

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