Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon and Amy Sedaris Proved They Are Not Dummies

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Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Amy Sedaris proved that they are not dummies in Friday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, demonstrating life-saving techniques…well, sort of, but do not try them at home! Besides Amy Sedaris, Fallon’s first guest tonight was Ethan Hawke. His musical guests were The Secret Sisters. Also, Jimmy Fallon thanked various people, groups and things with his weekly “Thank You Notes” segment.

The Tonight Show began with Jimmy Fallon joking about Governor Rick Perry. Then, he did a “Read Between the Lines” segment in which he, well, read between the lines of todays’ new stories. For instance, there was a news item about there not being a proven link between eating vegetables and losing weight. The message between the lines was “Suck it, kale!”

Then Jimmy Fallon showed a video clip of the President of the National Ice Council, who said that he would take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, his main objective seemed to be in promoting ice. He kept delaying actually pouring the bucket over his head.

“Jimmy Fallon went into the audience and he spoke to a couple of people there. He asked them “Are you getting married?” They said no, and the woman said “What’s the point of having a big wedding? I just want a lot of shoes.”

“I need a lot of tunes to jam out with in my truck,” Jimmy Fallon said. People tweeted and emailed him suggestions about their favorite trucking songs and he said that the playlist is now available to be downloaded for free.

Fallon mentioned the guests who were going to be on the show tonight like Ethan Hawke, Amy Sedaris and The Secret Sisters. Amy Sedaris is a pretty funny lady.

Then, Jimmy Fallon did his “Thank You Notes” segment. “Thank you, 13-year-old pitcher for the Little League World Series, Mo’ne Davis, who proved that throwing like a pitcher can be a good thing!”

“Thank you, Texas Governor Rick Perry’s mugshot, for looking like every villain in a James Grisham novel.”

“Thank you, metal door hook, for doing the best impression of a drunk octopus with only two arms.”

“Thank you, borscht, for being the worscht.”

“Thank you, Dennis the Menace, for being the bastard child of Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty.”

After the “Thank You Notes,” segment was over, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest. “Our first guest is a multiple Tony and Academy award nominee, ladies and gentleman, welcome back Ethan Hawke!”

Jimmy Fallon

Ethan Hawke said “You’re a big deal now, hosting the Tonight Show!”

“We should do a fun bit together,” Fallon told Hawke.

Ethan told him that he had an idea about what they could do, maybe involving him playing one of his three guitars and singing. Then, he said he has three daughters “all of whom had birthday parties last month.” They were all different ages, but coincidentally all had their birthdays in July.

Boyhood, man, oh man — it was unbelievably great! You were filming it for 12 years and nobody knew,” Jimmy Fallon enthused.

“You never told anyone,” Fallon said.

“I told everyone, but no one would listen,” Ethan Hawke said. “I was asked things like when would the movie come out, and I said ‘Oh, in 9 years,’ so then nobody seemed to care.”

He plays the father of the main character, a boy we watch growing up during the course of the movie from a boy into a man. The flick traces the boy growing up and turning into a “cool, James Dean-like young man,” according to Ethan Hawke. They filmed every single weekend for 12 years making the movie.

“I think you’re a cool dad in the movie and are probably a cool dad in real life,” Fallon said.

“It was so much fun,” Hawke told Fallon. “To be honest with you, it’s kind of sad seeing it come out, because we got to share it for 12 years and now it’s come out and the world can be a cruel place.” He spoke as if he felt a certain desire to protect the movie, as he would a child.

Boyhood, it’s in theaters now!” Fallon said, adding “We’ll be right back for more of the Tonight Show!”

“Our next guest,” Jimmy Fallon said, “stars opposite actor Will Arnett in the Netflix animated series which started tonight, Bojack Horseman!”

Amy told Fallon about a store in New York City that does not have cameras. She claimed that she steals from it and then emails them about what she just took.

After talking about some crafts that she makes sometimes, Amy Sedaris said: “Oprah was always giving away free things. I want you to know that everyone here is walking away with a free dishtowel.” Amy showed a couple to the audience.

“Will Arnett plays an animated talking horse and you are the secretary, right?”

“Yes, I’m a cat,” she said. Fallon then showed a video clip from the series. It looks like it is pretty twisted, but kind of cool, also. That describes pretty much anything that either Will Arnett or Amy Sedaris has ever done.

“I’m back with Amy Sedaris,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“I took CPR,” Amy said. “I have a certificate. I took notes. I was the Teacher’s Pet.” Then, Amy demonstrated on a CPR dummy how to do compressions. She and Fallon pretended to talk on the defibrillator paddles as if they were telephones.

“What about children, if they’re choking?” Fallon asked.

“You can choke on the bones, the gizzards, the feather,” Amy said. She then crammed a chicken gizzard and feathers into the dummy’s mouth and then pressed down hard on its stomach, repeatedly, forcing the feathers to come out of the dummy’s mouth. Fallon did the same with his dummy.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back from another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon’s musical guests, The Secret Sisters, performed. They sang a song from their newest album, Put Your Needle Down, which is only available from Cracker Barrel restaurants. They did great, harmonizing very well together. The Secret Sisters is a band comprised of Lydia and Laura Rogers. For their sophomore effort, Put Your Needle Down (April 2014), The Secret Sisters worked with producer T Bone Burnett making the album.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had a great show to mark the end of the work week. The talented actor, Ethan Hawke, was on promoting his latest movie, Boyhood, out in theaters now. Amy Sedaris, who also starred in Strangers With Candy along with comedian Steve Colbert, was the second guest on the Tonight Show. She does the voice of an animated cat/lady who is the secretary of the character, Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) in the new Netflix series, Bojack Horseman. The Secret Sisters were awesome singers, rounding the episode out nicely.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Bojack Horseman Netflix Video Trailer

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