Unproven Audio Recording That Could Have Caught Michael Brown Shooting Being Examined

Unproven Audio Recording That Could Have Caught Michael Brown Shooting Being Examined

There are reports being made to the media that an unproven audio recording which could have possibly caught the shooting of Michael Brown is being examined by the FBI. News that a taped recording had surfaced was revealed to the media, although the source stated it had not individualistically made any confirmation that the alleged gunshots which were heard on the audio were actually from the shooting of the unarmed teenager, age 18, in Ferguson, Missouri,  back on Aug. 9.

In the recording, a man who has not been named is heard talking when a round of apparent gunfire can be heard in the background. There is a sudden pause and then another turn of gunshots are fired. According to the media source, the man reportedly resides close to where the teenage Brown was shot and killed. He was supposedly talking to a friend who was online at the time, which is how the sound became recorded. The man stated he did not realize what he had recorded originally and it was only later that he understood and became aware that the audio might be related to the Michael Brown case.

He explained that he was stunned when he realized that he could have possibly caught the moment when Michael Brown was shot dead by Darren Wilson, a white police officer.

The unverified recording was played on Monday evening and when one listens, six shots can be heard, followed by a pause, then numerous more. A private autopsy were performed on Brown on Aug. 17 at the request of his family and discovered that the young man had been shot six times, which included being shot twice in the head.

The man who involuntarily taped the alleged shots that killed Brown, wishes to remain anonymous. His attorney, Lopa Blumenthal stated that her client had already talked to the FBI about the recording.

Brown was shot after he and his friend Dorian Johnson were walking in the street and were ordered to stop by Officer Wilson. Johnson claims that Wilson went after Brown and attacked him, then shot at the teenager as he attempted to get away. Ferguson Police say that Brown attacked Wilson, and that Wilson was wounded after the exchange. Numerous witnesses state that they saw Brown holding his hands up in the air when he was shot by the officer.

Ferguson police released video footage on Aug. 15 which they stated showed Brown robbing a convenience store for cigars. The police chief in Ferguson, Thomas Jackson, declared that Wilson was at first not aware that Brown was a suspect in the robbery when he stopped the teen, but Jackson later stated that Wilson was able to make a connection during the course of the stop. Brown’s family’s attorney has accused the police of attempting to “assassinate the character of Michael Brown” in order to distract attention away from his death.

According to Lopa Blumenthal, the attorney representing the man who made the recording, the tape could have great significance on how this case might finally end.

By Kimberly Ruble


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