Wife Set Husband on Fire for Sexually Abusing 7-Year-Old Daughter [Video]

Wife Set Husband on Fire for Molesting 7-Year-Old DaughterA Washington woman allegedly set her husband on fire after she learned that he sexually abused her seven-year-old daughter. Tatanysha Hedmon was seen on a gas station’s surveillance just hours before the incident purchasing gasoline. She said to shoot him would have been “too nice” so she doused him with gasoline and lit a match. The 40-year-old mother has been arrested and is now facing multiple charges.

Hedmon’s husband, 52-year-old Vincent Phillips, was sleeping peacefully before he was jolted awake and burned alive. Phillips managed to put the fire out and drive to a nearby store asking the cashier to help him. Surveillance at the Skyway convenience store showed Phillips falling to his knees in agony as he screamed, “I’m on fire!” The store clerk called 911 as customers looked on in shock.

The sad reality is millions of children are abused every year with no one to help them. Far too often it is at the hands of an adult which unsuspecting parents assumed was safe. Many stories have surfaced high on the news radar of children who were sexually assaulted by a man their mother loved, who also extended his “love” to their child. Law enforcement has reported many of these crimes against children have occurred in the home of a single mom who trusted her boyfriend around her children.

Wife Set Husband on Fire for Molesting 7-Year-Old DaughterHow about the many cases that are never heard because the child is too afraid to tell? Then there are times when the child dared to open up to the one who they believed would love and protect them only to find they chose their “man” over them. The child is then reprimanded or punished for “falsely” accusing their victim.

On average, a child abuse report is made every 10 seconds for a total of approximately 3.3 million child abuse reports annually. Each day more than five children die as a result of abuse or neglect. Statistics report approximately 80 percent of children that die from the hands of an abuser are under the age of the four-years-old. More than 90 percent of children who are victims know their abuser in some way and about 30 percent grow up and later abuse their own children or sit quietly by while someone else does.

Children who have been victims of abuse during their life tend to meet the criteria for at least one psychological disorder. Reports confirm 59 percent of abuse victims have a greater chance of being arrested as a juvenile, 28 percent as an adult and 30 percent are more likely to commit a violent crime. As many as two-thirds of the people who have been or are currently being treated for drug and alcohol abuse admitted they were abused in some form at children.Wife Set Husband on Fire for Molesting 7-Year-Old Daughter

Today the mother of a seven-year-old child is in jail facing assault and arson charges after she chose to protect her daughter from this alleged pedophile who may have molested other children. Officers who arrived at the scene said Phillips told them, “my wife did it” just moments before he passed out. The accused was rushed to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of severe burns and is in intensive care recovering from his wounds.

A Washington woman set her husband on fire after she learned that he allegedly sexually abused her seven-year-old daughter. Vincent Phillips is now on the road to recovery but is facing first degree child molestation charges. The victim’s mother, Tatanysha Hedmon, is being held on a $500,000 bail. Although the mother had no “right” to take the law into her own hands, she is a hero to the multitude who understands her pain, dilemma and frustration.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. ae em   September 9, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Anyone can be accused of 1st degree molestation charges. All it takes is that a child is caught for behavioral problems at school, to have one of the parents being reported CPS. If the father can be blamed, he will by default be attacked first. If father has left the family then the mother will be accused. Typically single mothers will have more compliant children because the child is truly at the mercy of the single remaining parent. Otherwise orphan. Virtually all parent does the things that are the criteria for molestation charges. But you can not put every American in jail or prison or face the Judge as a defendant. If a man has a wife has an untreated personality disorder then there is a VERY high risk of him becoming a convicted criminal due to the way the system works. The “victim never lies” really comes with a horrible penalty. People with mental illnesses do lie and it is even a commonly recognized trait. A frequently reported component of the manifestations in certain mental illnesses ant personality disorders. Distorted internal views also means they verbal expression is reflection of true belief rather than exhaustive search of all related facts. Exaggeration is indeed lying when it leads to absolutely unreasonable consequences for the accused. People with personality disorders can have a lack of empathy and even basic sense of right and wrong. Lack of a moral code. Lack of 10 commandment. One may even find counts of seven deadly sins in the list of what the accuser does, perhaps even on a daily basis. The Same route if one of the child has a condition that would require medication to moderate severe symptoms, manifesting in behavioral problems (violence, loud swearing, trash talking, attitudes against teachers). In old days the isolation of schizophrenic and autistic. The ADD and ADHD children have typical “criminal” behavior. The child would get arrested by the police, but wont because less than 18 years (or 16) the parents have to be punished. The extremely high risk of a false positive father, once the very aggressive persecution is applied to unfortunate and innocent defendants.There is a distinct and constant amount of people with so severe chemical imbalance in their brain that only medication can make their behavior even remotely tolerable to their surrounding. But only a fraction of all mentally ill people are in institutional care. Not all the ill can seek refugee into asylums for practical reasons. Getting the people who would benefit tremendously from receiving amphetamine or heroine like medications is difficult. But just for thoughts. Imagine if the medication for cancer or diabetes would be illegal.

  2. OMG...   August 10, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Police charged her? They are abomination to this country. Maybe if they did their jobs properly her husband would have never abused their daughter. You know he was abused as child. She didn’t know because he lied harming their child and her. If he wasn’t sexually abused as child he would have never done it. Where police and DSS while he suffered as child? I am glad she burned him. He is actually one of the most dangerous people on earth. She actually should have shot him. The right to bear arms. Defend and protect. In future… Shot him. It is your right. The police, courts and conflicting law known as tort law. A waste and does not defend or protect children. Makes the problem worse. Wives if your husband doesn’t tell and talk to you and harms your children. SHOT HIM. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS DEFEND AND PROTECT. police and courts only end up protecting the abusers who are the real villians. End child and adult sexual abuse…

  3. John   August 8, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    You know what’s really sad? You take her word on this as truth, with no evidence, and justify her attempt at murdering her husband. Bet she didn’t think he would survive to denounce her story.

    • Cecily   September 3, 2014 at 7:41 pm

      @John….Well the article says that he is facing 1st degree molestation charges so obviously there is some reason to believe he did it.

  4. May   August 7, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    She’s my heroe that’s for sure! Just like he scared that little girl, she scared him for life too!


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