Affirmative Action Is the Real Victory for South Africa

Affirmative Action

The African National Congress (ANC) believes that real victory for the nation is the ability to deliver, and affirmative action for South Africa is the answer. The ANC introduced affirmative action and the implementation is not only on the promises made but to bring about peace and prosperity, create opportunities and remove the poor living conditions associated with civil war. Affirmative action is the plan, the solution and the democratic route to iron out apartheid injustices, and generate favor for the oppressed.

Affirmative action according to the ANC is to help South Africa build the country and produce benefits for all citizens. There must be equality for the entire nation whether black or white, rich or poor, peace prosperity progress and justice is the core element of affirmative action.

The affirmative action plan demolishes the unfairness generated under the apartheid government by advancing equal opportunities for all South Africans. Correcting historical injustices and build an insurmountable barrier within the constitution against all attempts to alter the social condition of the country. The democracy of fairness introduced through the affirmative action strategy.

Affirmative action gives black people, women and other underprivileged ethnic groups the opportunity to progress and benefit from democracy. It is a chance to take away the barrier of discrimination of the past injustices and create appropriate rewards for their efforts.

The aim of ANC’s affirmative action is to guarantee the advance of the poor and the oppressed and not a mechanism for self-enrichment. A good governance aspect to ensure the majority and not the minority is subject to prejudice.

Affirmative action is a call for non-racial principle of equal protection for all citizens. Implementing this action against past injustices based on government expenditure during the apartheid years.  White children received almost three times more funds toward education than black children during apartheid, including health and service deliveries. “I don’t know if white kids are three times more stupid than black children.” Quote from the official ANC Policy Document.

The new constitution of South Africa came into force after the first democratic election in April 1994. The new order was created to ensure equality between all men, women and people of all races to enjoy their fundamental rights. The section on Equality states that every person shall have the right to equality before the law and no unfair discrimination whether directly or indirectly.

Captain Barnard of the South African Police Services (SAPS) had fought the affirmative action plan for over nine years when she was denied promotion even though she proved to be the best candidate. The case was referred to the Constitutional court and the ruling was delivered on Tuesday in favour of the SAPS.

The employment equity plan of the SAPS for that particular staff level was over-represented with white women and based on this factor Barnard was denied promotion. The Constitutional court ruled in favour of the SAPS and Judge Moseneke said in fairness the compensation measure passes a three-fold test. A test to target the class of the people who have been prone to unfair discrimination, to protect that class of people and to promote the achievement of equality and then it is neither unfair nor so presumed to be.

The entire affirmative action plan is to draw on a wider pool of candidates and remove competition of historical policies. Emphasising on the non-racial element and affording equal protection to all South Africans by rejecting the apartheid methods. The affirmation action plan is the opportunity plan to deal with the previous dictatorial policies intended to divide the country. The plan to unite the nation brings social peace in a practical and principled manner. The ANC stipulate that the affirmative action is not a plan to replace one form of injustice with another. In South Africa, the ANC proclaims the real victory of the affirmative action implementation.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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  1. Alex   September 9, 2014 at 3:55 am

    Says the people whom gives themselves doctorate degrees……..
    hahahahaha what a joke…

  2. Deon Janse van Rensburg   September 9, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Affirmative Action has been a roaring failure evrywhere where it has been used – from India, Malaysia, the US and now South Africa. It invariably creates situations where nepotism, corruption and crony appointments take place. Read Dr Thomas Sowell’s definitive study on Affirmative Action worldwide

  3. neels   September 8, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Well, this is a very good explanation of a failed system. Regardless of the writers intentions, it clearly sets out the goals of AA without being either for or against it.


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