Alyssa Milano Gives Birth Hours Before Scarlett Johansson

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano gave birth just hours before fellow actress Scarlett Johansson. This is the second child for the Charmed actress and her agent husband. Their first child is son Milo, who turned three just days before his sibling’s birth.

Like Johansson, Milano had a baby girl weighing 7lb 7oz. Her representative confirmed the details and then stated that both mom and baby were doing well.

Many Charmed fans will be happy to hear about the news. By the end of the eight-year TV show, her character was focused on having a baby girl after having a vision of “Ladybug.” Milo was certainly looking forward to being a big brother, although he may have been worried about the idea of sharing his birthday.

Back in February, the Mistresses actress confirmed that she and David Bugliari were actively trying for their second baby. They agreed that now was the right time considering their son was turning three during the year. They were not leaving anything to chance either, with Bugliari drinking “plenty of ginseng” to improve their chance of success.

The couple opted for an unusual but almost traditional name. They chose Elizabella Dylan. She will take her father’s surname, which is the same as her brother’s. There is no confirmation on where the name Elizabella comes from and whether it is a combination of Elizabeth and Isabella. While it is unique, it is not as strange as many other celebrity baby names.

Milano gave birth just hours before actress Johansson. The Avengers actress also have a baby girl, but did opt for a more traditional and old-fashioned name of Rose Dorothy. Unlike the Charmed actress, Johansson never confirmed her pregnancy with the press and will likely try to keep her daughter away from any photos. Milano likes to share photos of her son on her Instagram, which she did at the end of last month to celebrate his third birthday.

During her pregnancy, the star did not gain as much weight as the first time. She did an interview with Fit Pregnancy back in July where she admitted that she did not let herself gain the 55lbs that she gained with Milo. Rather than giving into cravings, she focused on eating healthily and listening to what her body really needed. She did have treats like ice cream now and then, though.

Some may suggest that she was more conscious of her weight gain after being attacked by Jay Mohr for her weight. However, she explained that she was enjoying the pregnancy, presumably getting rid of negative thoughts from people like Mohr.

She does have support from many other moms because she refuses to focus on the weight loss afterwards. During the Fit Pregnancy interview, she explained that the health of her baby is more important and that may mean not having a bikini body afterwards. She spoke out about how a woman’s body was designed to give birth and be a comfort for babies afterwards. Milano wants to focus on the health of the baby she has given birth to just hours before Johansson.

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