Betty White Death All a Hoax

Betty White

Betty White was involved in a death hoax last night. Fans of the golden girl were disappointed to find out that she had “dyed” at the age of 92. Many failed to realize that the satire site had written “dyed” rather than “died,” so they used social media to share their condolences. Just moments later, publications realized the mistake and did their own digging about the star.

The satire site announced that White had dyed in her own home, indicating that she had dyed her own hair. Many will know that the actress is not a natural blonde, and the site was simply playing on that. It is not the site’s fault that readers misread it and believed that she had passed away.

It may have not helped that the news hit just as the news about Joan Rivers’ death was shared. Some fans may even be on the lookout for news that she would die soon, considering her grand age of 92.

The piece was written in a serious tone, also giving the impression that the news was true that she had passed on. However, clues were in the content, which included a lot of mentions that she enjoys dying her hair in her own home. Some of the quotes allegedly from her manager, stated that she finds it peaceful and comfortable.

Good news for White fans though is that her death was all a hoax. She is healthy, alive and still filming. Her manager explained that it was a hoax, and that he had even booked her for a gig when she turns 100. He jokingly stated that there was not an “out clause” but that she will never miss a date she has agreed to.

People on Twitter were a mixture of annoyed, happy and laughing at the news. Some users questioned why anyone would find it suitable to share a story about the Golden Girls actress’ death. Others made a joke about rinsing in peace rather than resting in peace.

Some users even took to the social media site to link White’s “dying” to the current hacking scandal. Users have shared their relief that the reason she was trending on Twitter was not due to having nude photos hacked from her phone. The remarks were made after Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice have had their phones hacked and nude photos shared.

Some readers may have failed to read the title properly, but they did see the name of the site sharing the news first. They quickly realized that it was the same site that shared the news of Jim Parsons quitting The Big Bang Theory, which also turned out to be false. Parsons is returning to his role of Sheldon Cooper in the hit show, and is currently filming the eighth season.

Death hoax happen regularly with the internet. It has led to many becoming sceptical when they do read news about someone’s death. However, it is not often the satire sites make it very clear in the title that they are joking. That is what happened this time. The use of the word “dyes” made it clear that the Betty White death announcement was all a hoax.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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