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Since the larger iPhone 6 Plus has hit the market, the trend for a number of consumers has been to share on social networks how their phone appear to easily bend. SquareTrade, a provider of smartphone warranty’s, ironically reported when the two, next generation iPhones hit the market that they were possibly the most durable smartphones ever to be released.

The reports coming in regarding the large iPhones bending has perplexed technology experts. CNN ran a test to attempt duplicating the reported bending of the smartphones. After several attempts, they were unable to replicate what has been reported by users online. Other investigations have reported that they were unaware if there was a design flaw in the smartphone or if a limited quantity run of the iPhone 6 Plus had a defect in the build quality that may be the cause of the bent devices.

MacRumors, a popular Apple blog site, displayed iPhone 6 Plus photos that appear slightly bent. Reports on the site by the device owner indicated the bending took place after carrying the smartphone in the front pocket of his pants for a few hours. Many of the images that have appeared online claiming that the phone is bendable are believed to be hoaxes and likely deliberately modified in Photoshop. However, some may actually be true reports.

A few videos have surfaced showing individuals bending the larger iPhone, which could potentially be true. With enough strength, there is the possibility that slight, temporary bending of the device may occur, which is likely a design feature to avoid damage to the larger iPhone. However, iPhones that have sustained slight bending and staying bent will now be investigated to locate a potential design issue.

In a bizarre response to reports of the Apple iPhone bending, consumers have attributed the damage to the trend of wearing skinny jeans and carrying the phone in a pocket of those jeans. The idea that tight jeans and cramming a larger phone into the tight pockets and moving or sitting, is causing a $750 phone to bend may seem silly, however, many smartphones can result in damage in just this way. It is expected that Apple or other researcher will look into the iPhone 6 Plus and skinny jeans theory to find if the claims have merit at all.

There were reports after Apple released the iPhone 5s that it could also suffer from a bending issues. If those reports are true, it is not entirely out of the question that the larger version of the iPhone could also see some bending. It likely is just a design feature to avoid catastrophic damage to the larger phone that people have discovered while playing with their device. Something like this could be exaggerated purposely and exploited to make their social networking accounts the source of the newest negative trend concerning the new iPhone from Apple.

While much of the resulting trials by different news outlets have not been able to recreate the reports running around the internet, this is a subject that will continue to be discussed until the Cupertino based company response to the reports. The trend of bending the iPhone 6 Plus could just be a design aspect by Apple since the current smartphone is made of aluminum, which is a softer metal that is naturally flexible.

By Carl Auer

Photo by William Hook – Flickr

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