Under the Dome Season Finale: Let My People Go

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Under the Dome Season Finale: Let My People Go

The Under the Dome season two finale seems to show no end to the Chester’s Mill survivors dome troubles, even Stephen King as Executive Producer must be saying, “Let my people go.” Last week’s show had Melanie being pulled helplessly down a sudden whirlpool of earth that turned into a tunnel leading straight down. In this week’s episode, Norrie calls it a “Giant killer suck hole,” and Joe thinks that the sudden appearance of the thing could open up another wifi signal.

The dome continues to get smaller causing more devastation. Pauline may have survived Kyle’s stabbing her, but she will not live and Big Jim’s wife knows it. Rennie refuses to accept that she is going to die as he sees it being another test for him. Joe, Norrie and Hunter go down the tunnel and discover glowing purple stuff in the walls and a butterfly.

The three youngsters follow their flying friend through one of the forks of the tunnel as Barbie and Julia, with the boy they rescued, split up. Big Jim loses Pauline again, and he works out that Rebecca killed her with an overdose of morphine. Rennie reacts predictably and beats Pine to death with a hammer and when Junior comes back he finds his mother missing and the science teacher dead.

Big Jim bargains with the dome to bring back Pauline or he will murder its “special little friends.” Unsurprisingly his wife stays dead. After gathering all the survivors from under the rapidly shrinking dome Barbie tells the doubting populace that this is their only way out. For a moment it looks like the season finale may end with people getting out as Barbie leads the way saying, “let’s go.”

Rennie senior has lost the plot and has started to murder his way through the dome. Junior confronts his father and shoots him. Julia makes it into the tunnel and Sam takes the rescued boy Aiden ahead while Barbie and Julia follow. The two get separated and when the episode ends Junior and Julia are both on the wrong side of a chasm at the bottom of the tunnel.

The remaining population of Chester’s Mill make it to an apparent dead end. The blocked passage falls away to reveal Melanie, who vanished in the tunnel at the end of last week’s show. Thus far is seems that the folks under the dome are never getting out, at least on television. The final episode of the second season end with a wet Melanie telling a dumbfounded Barbie that they are going home.

Sadly it appears that no one is going home. Under the Dome has kept the denizens of Chester’s Mill trapped in the season finale with the hope of escape tantalizingly just out of reach. Junior and Julia are stuck on the same side of the crater with Big Jim, who may be wounded but certainly is not dead, and it seems they will have company as the rest of the town may be stuck there with them. With no news of a third season yet, “let my people go,” will not be an option as in television land, at least, all the survivors will be trapped for ever.

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