Under the Dome Penultimate Episode Season Two (Recap and Review)

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Under the Dome Penultimate Episode Season Two (Recap and Review)

At long last, Under the Dome has reached its penultimate episode of season two. Had the residents of Stephen King’s Chester’s Mill been trapped that long under the invisible barrier they most likely would have killed and eaten each other by now. By the auspices of CBS the show has managed to drag out a story written by the horror master himself and convolute the plot until interest in the show and the people in it are waning with each passing episode.

As Stephen King adaptations go, this was not too bad, at least at first. The producers trotted out the fact that they were not afraid to monkey around with the original story by not killing Angie at the beginning of the series. This, and other changes appeared not to bother the book’s original scribe as King appeared in a cameo at the start of season two and also participated in a documentary type featurette.

Fans of the book already know how things turn out for the Mill’s residents by the end of the story and whether they have taken the television version of the tale to heart or not, may be weary of this network’s neverending story of Chester’s Mill. Now that Under the Dome has reached its penultimate episode in season two, a few things are being rectified. Mainly the removal of introduced characters who were never in the book. Three of them appear to shuffle off their mortal coil and one can be forgiven for not really getting too upset about creations that were not imagined by the writer of the source material.

In this week’s episode, Rebecca vows to figure what the dome is up to and Lyle comes to a conclusion. Junior tells Melanie that he too is searching for answers. Hunter confesses to Barbie that he has been spying for his father, but that he has now stopped. Dale is not too happy at this news and he takes the younger man to the dome’s edge. Joe and Norrie follow Barbie to see what he plans for Hunter.

James and Big Jim have a falling out mainly because of his father giving the egg away. Julia and Rebecca continue to quibble and things do not look good for Melanie. Julia decides that whatever is being done to the egg is affecting the young girl. Melanie gets a transfusion and Barbie talks his dad into returning the egg via the red door. Joe and Norrie go by the lake to watch for Barbie’s father’s entrance.

Joe finds a gun and wants to take it but Norrie talks him out of it. Big Jim and Pauline rediscover their connection and he tries to help his wife paint a new prediction. Barbie and Melanie talk while Don Barbara manages to pick up the egg without incident. As he goes to leave soldiers stop him and Malik says he takes orders too. Melanie’s condition gets worse and Julia goes to plead with the dome to save the girl.

Pauline’s prediction shows how to save Melanie and they take the girl back to the site of her death. Pauline believes that if all of the “hands” touch the girl she will live. It appears to work but as she stands up, apparently healed, she gets sucked into the earth via a hole that suddenly shows up. Pauline believes that it is her fault.

As Big Jim and Pauline kiss, Lyle kills the woman and the madman pushes Jim to kill him. This penultimate episode of Under the Dome looks as though it can either begin closing out season two or not. Looking at the small episode guide for next week, it seems that CBS have not made up their minds to end the show after a couple of seasons. The season finale airs next week and it remains to be seen if the denizens of Chester’s Mill will escape, live to fight another day, or become “dome kill.”

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