The Surrender of America

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The greatest country that ever existed in the history of humanity is no more. Indeed, the Founding Fathers of this once divinely favored land would be rolling over in their graves if they could know what has become of the United States of America. It can be argued that the elected officials who have been entrusted with the keys to the United States have for decades failed across the board to preserve America’s borders, language and culture. Giving credit where credit is due, this has been a long-standing battle cry of New York Times Best Seller author, Dr. Michael Savage. In spite of any rhetoric that might exist to the contrary, the actions of the U.S. government have in effect surrendered America to whomever or whatever wants her.

It is no mistake that for the sake of partisan politics and the perpetual power struggle between Democrats and Republicans that border protection in the United States is basically non-existent. If only the American “sheeple” would listen, they would hear their representatives’ chants of, “The Party First” above all else, including the American people and what’s right and necessary for the preservation of American culture and society. The absence of a nation’s borders renders her vulnerable to an infestation of undesirable elements, not the least of which are criminal and terrorist enterprises. The Democrat party makes it unmistakably clear by its open border, pro-illegal alien, pro-amnesty, pro-socialist oratory that they are either completely ignorant to the devastating impact of a non-existent border, or else as a matter of policy, they are blindly willing to accept the consequences in return for the Hispanic vote.

The notion is made very clear by repeated Democrat outrage and cries of racism over Republicans’ efforts to require proof of citizenship or photo identification before a person can vote in public elections. In an article, author Dustin Hawkins’ research into the problem of illegal immigration disclosed that legislation currently proposed could create an estimated 11 million new voters. He references the concern of Republicans that these 11 million new voters would overwhelmingly vote Democrat. He likewise noted that Democrats naturally hope for the same. However, he attempts to minimize the impact of the legislation on elections outcome based on the unknown number of illegal aliens who may be granted citizenship and actually go to the polls to vote. He further points out that the highest populations of illegal aliens are in non-swing states. Once all the number crunching is completed, Hawkins claims the impact from new voters created by the proposed legislation would be far less dramatic than originally thought.

If Hawkins’ assessment is accurate, it may be accurate only for the short term. What detracts from the validity of his assessment is that he fails to address the generational impact of millions of new, overwhelmingly Democrat voters on future elections.

Setting the Hispanic vote aside, the continuous failure of the U.S. government to secure the borders has been a nagging thorn in the side of states most affected by the influx of illegal aliens. The latest evidence of the surrender of the United States of America to anyone who wants it is manifested in the latest border-crossing strategy used by illegal aliens. They are voluntarily turning themselves in by the thousands to border authorities. In July, the number of foreign children crossing the southern border was a reported 5,508, while the number of adults crossing with children was 7,410. Of national security concern is that while these multitudes are crossing the border at the usual entry locations, they are tying up precious border protection resources that are already woefully inadequate. Is there any concern for what or who may be entering the country while border authorities are otherwise occupied with these multitudes?

The open border “policy” of the United States has had the unintended consequence of breeding the proliferation of multiculturalism and as such there is little incentive for new immigrants to assimilate. Experts understand that what defines a country are its borders, its language and its culture. That combination creates the fabric that weaves its people together. In addition to the lack of adequate border protection, contributing to the breakdown of American culture is the astonishing failure to establish English as the official language. The absence of English as the nation’s official language encourages foreigners to reject it in favor of their own language. This has the logical effect of creating a fragmented society and discourages assimilation allowing further dilution of American culture by other foreign cultures. The result is that the many are required to adapt to the few instead of the few having to adapt to the many.

Failure to safeguard American culture by failing to encourage immigrants to enter legally and assimilate by learning to read, write and speak English, has the potential to bastardize American culture into something outrageously unrecognizable. It may be argued that multiculturalism has caused so much damage to what was once traditional American culture, that the term “assimilate” may already be meaningless. Assimilate into what? It can also be argued that by the idea of the United States being a “melting pot,” it was meant to be a nation that is multiethnic, and not a nation that is multicultural.

From a national security perspective, aside from the obvious travesty waiting to happen as a direct result of the porous United States border, the Muslim demographic poses the most egregious threat to American culture and its security. Of course it is absurd to subscribe to the belief that all Muslims are terrorist radical Islamic extremists who are hell bent on destroying the United States. However, the world seems unable or unwilling to avoid tip-toeing around the fact that equally true is that all terrorist radical Islamic extremists are Muslims who are hell bent on destroying the United States. Differentiating between the two is problematic.

By definition, Muslims must reject anything that is non-Sharia and so there is no expectation that a growing Muslim population would ever conform to traditional American culture. Conversely, it is the citizenry of the United States who, by Islamic dogma, must convert and conform to Sharia or there will be consequences. The United States has already experienced these consequences many times at the hands of Islamic extremists. Demographically, the Muslim population in the United States is projected to more than double by the 2030 census from 2.6 million to 6.2 million. These are both voters and potential political candidates.

By virtue of its failure to defend its borders, language and culture, the United States government has already surrendered. History will likely show the weakness and hypocrisy of its leaders who aggressively sought to facilitate the overthrow of oppressive regimes across the globe in the name of freedom and democracy to liberate the oppressed, while failing miserably to defend its own freedom and democracy.

Indeed the cancerous transition that is occurring within the United States is a direct result of the multiculturalism brought about by the government’s complete failure to protect its borders, language and culture. The Preamble to the United States Constitution states in part;


There can be no more disruptive force creating a barrier to domestic tranquility than multiculturalism. As a result of the Democratic ideology, spineless Republicans, and the crippling effects of political correctness, the “land of the free” now has a completely new meaning; “the surrender of America.”

Opinion by Mark Politi

Washington Post
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