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Ariana Grande – A Diva?



Everybody knows Ariana Grande, the pint-sized pop star formerly of Nickelodeon, as the next big thing after Mariah Carey. While Grande does appreciate the vocal comparisons, it seems she is also beginning to take after Mariah Carey’s diva persona, as rumors of Grande’s own diva-like behavior swirl around.

Grande has been accused of being an outrageous diva by people who have worked with the “Bang Bang” chanteuse, who told Page Six that Grande behaves like the president is in town. The unnamed source also said that besides stressing everyone around her, she was ridiculed behind her back by those who believe her diva attitude is much ado about nothing. The source also claims that a recent event’s atmosphere was “very intense,” as Grande was constantly speaking down to everyone around her.

If this was the first time this behavior was noted, it could be attributed to envy, but E! ‘s Giuliana Rancic adds to the fire with her accounts of Grande’s diva-like behavior at the American Music Awards (AMA) held last year. At the AMAs last November, Rancic, who interviewed Grande, experienced bullying from Grande’s management team.  Apparently, Rancic was forced to interview the mini-diva only on the left side because the light would be more favorable to Grande in pictures. Rancic, who is used to interviewing celebrities, can handle putting up with divas like Mariah Carey, but Grande’s behavior came off as irritating to Rancic, since the singer has yet to cement her position in the music industry.

It is no surprise that stars have a preferred side, and looking good at all times is a part of their job description. Grande’s behavior comes off as that of a spoiled brat throwing tantrums, and it irks the crew and people who work with the star. One can argue that most stars, even Tina Fey, have preferred sides, but polite crew members convey that before a photo shoot. This makes the process easy for those involved, but Grande’s diva-like behavior is not polite, especially since all she is doing is sitting with her profile towards the camera the entire time.

Reports of Grande’s tantrums have also emerged from the Australian press. According to News.com.au, Grande signed off on a list of topics on which she did not want to be interviewed. Mariah Carey, her relationship with Big Sean and her grandfather’s death were among the things she wished to keep off limits during the interview. She also angrily stormed off the set after complaining about the way her top looked in pictures snapped by Chris Pavlich. Grande, however, denied the incident on “Mike E & Emma,” an Australian radio show. She also took to Twitter to squash rumors of her behavior; clarifying the incidents with her fans.

Grande explained the issue with the photo shoot by saying that Pavlich was spreading untrue and ridiculous stories about her. All she claims happened is that she left the photo shoot unannounced to change the outfit – specifically to change a top she did not particularly like. Pavlich was not available to comment on Grande’s version of what happened on set.

Grande, may well be the next best thing in music after Mariah Carey, but her diva tantrums are not earning her any friends. The U.K.’s Daily Star reports that at the “Stand up to Cancer” benefit in L.A., the star was a total nightmare, although the event organizers released a statement defending the chanteuse.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

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