The First ‘Destiny’ Raid (The Vault of Glass) Preparation

Vault of Glass, first raid in Destiny

Yesterday, Tuesday September 16, the clan PrimeGuard finished the first raid to appear in Destiny. Developers Bungie opened The Vault of Glass but warned that it would be a challenge to not take lightly. How serious is it? Bungie said that it is “the most elaborate mission” they have ever created, with the creation of Halo behind them, this is a statement to not take lightly. In order to adventure on this strike the game suggests a minimum level of 26 and five other teammates.

“Salvage” was the first event Bungie unleashed, it took place in the Crucible and played like a mixture of Control (capture the zones) and Skirmish (teams of 3 vs 3). Now that the weekend is over, the event has been taken down. It was an interesting blend of action that turned out to be really fun, unless terrible teammates ruined the experience. The second event has been added to Destiny, but this one won’t be disappearing,

Before taking on The Vault of Glass consider the stats of the first group to successfully complete this event. A clan of six individuals took more than ten hours to make it through this quest. As a total, they died 1606 times with an average life lasting 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Scared yet? The lowest level character was 26 with the highest being 28.

If the calling of the vault is too much to ignore, then go in prepared. First, deal with level requirement, ensure equipped armor is at least rare if not legendary, the more light the better. Pay attention to armor upgrades and have the most personally suited ones taken care of. Bring an array of weapons as well as ammo reserves, different situations will call for different courses of action.

Don’t forget, heavy emphasis on group association; going in alone is suicide. Getting five other people together with a dedicated amount of time set aside will be difficult but necessary. Each person needs a means to communicate, teamwork keeps clans alive. However, the vault does not have to be tackled in one sitting, as long as the fireteam leader is present, the raid can be continued. These saves can last up to a week and are reset each Tuesday (the day it came out). Take time to get ready because unlike the first event, The Vault of Glass is here to stay.

The Vault of Glass can be located on Ishtar Sink, Venus. The order of events starts with The Spire, followed by the multiple phases of The Templar, the labyrinth that is Gorgon’s Maze, The Gate and finally the battle with Atheon, The Devourer of Hours (video below). Those that finish the entire task are rewarded with Raid Set Gear and Ascendant Materials. With so much within it, the raid feels less like Destiny and more like something entirely different. “It was like co-op FPS Dark Souls.”

Now that the first Destiny raid, The Vault of Glass, has been beaten, it can be accessed by all on hard mode instead of normal. What clan will be the first step up to this even more difficult challenge?

By Garrett Jutte
Tech News World
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