Ariana Grande Denies Nude Photographs Belong to Her

Ariana Grande is denying that she was one of the many female celebrities targeted in last month’s iCloud privacy breach, which led to multiple nude photographs being leaked onto the internet. The singer gave the statement while leaving Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, September 22nd.

When asked about the rumors that she was targeted in the aforementioned leaked photos, the 21-year-old laughed off the statement and insisted that it was simply not true. She went on to say that she was not at all concerned regarding the possible future publication of such photos, as she was not one to photograph herself in such a manner. When pressed by the cameraman to divulge whether or not she had ever taken intimate photos, Grande was firm that doing such a thing was not her style and that it had not nor would it ever happen. The recent comments line up with what her representative told media outlets following the initial leak, that their client was not one to engage in such photography methods and that the pictures in question could not possibly be of her.

The aforementioned leaked photographs rocked Hollywood last month, with intimate photos of such high-profile female celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, and Victoria Justice making their way around the internet. While many of the photos were confirmed as legitimate, those supposedly containing Grande and Justice have been denied by their representatives as being authentic. The photographs in question were reportedly hacked via a breach in Apple’s iCloud security, which was immediately taken under review and updated accordingly. Many of the females who fell victim to the hack have threatened to investigate the matter via the FBI, in order to further persecute said hacker. These females include basketball star Dwayne Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union, along with pop singer Hilary Duff.

The leaked photographs are just a recent source of conflict for Grande, who has faced her fair share of public scrutiny in the past month. She has been criticized for her alleged diva behavior, which has sent rumors spreading like wildfire over the internet concerning her ability to be professional during her various endeavors. Earlier this week, the singer’s life coach reportedly quit due to his inability to handle her supposed unreasonable demands and need for everything to be done or way or no way at all. A source claiming to be connected to the life coach gave a statement to Page Six saying that the man had become infuriated with the pop princess’s behavior, as well as her aforementioned growing reputation for being a diva. The source in question claimed the life coach expressed that all of the said rumors were true, and that he could no longer handle his responsibility to keep the girl happy and healthy, as he was reportedly instructed to do so by her camp.

It remains to be seen whether or not the nude photograph allegedly claiming to be of Ariana Grande are, in fact, hers. However, the Florida native remains adamant that the pictures in no way contain her person.

by Rebecca Grace

Daily Mail
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  1. Vannessa   September 28, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    She does have naked pics. She only wants to be photographed from the left side of her face she has fake hair is disrespectful and she was rude to jennett Mcurdy

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