Ariana Grande Life Coach Quits Due to Diva Behavior?

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Ariana Grande’s life coach has quit working for her, reportedly because of her growing reputation as a diva. An insider recently told Page Six that the man simply did not want to work with the singer anymore, supposedly due to his opinion that the rumors circulating lately are true.

The source detailed the life coach’s alleged complaints regarding the 21-year-old, many of which reiterated the stories that have been appearing on the internet in the past few months. They say the coach was tired of Grande’s constant unreasonable demands and requests, such as to only be photographed from her left side and only in certain lighting. They went on to allege the coach’s claims that she was so obsessed with her looks that she insisted on having her hair dyed every three days, and having access to hair extensions in order to form her signature ponytail, which the coach has supposedly called out as fake. The man is also said to have attributed this alleged behavior to Grande’s need to act like a child and be coddled by everyone around her in order to function. The source alleges that the life coach felt it was time to part ways with the Florida native months ago, as he believed committing to the task of keeping the singer happy and centered, for which he was hired, was becoming increasingly impossible due to the aforementioned increase in unreasonable behavior.

Grande has been facing her fair share of public scrutiny in the past few months because of the alleged diva antics. Just last week, a major rumor hit the internet suggesting that, upon exiting a radio interview she had just conducted, she quietly wished for all of her fans to go die. The Problem singer herself has not outright denied this allegation, but she did take to Twitter shortly after to post several tweets scoffing at what she called people’s incessant need to spread hate and lies. She has also been accused of walking off the set of a photo shoot in Australia because a photographer broke her alleged rule of only photographing her left side, and many of her fans have told stories of being treated less than kindly by the singer. Just last month, an irate father wrote in his blog that Grande had effectively ignored his two daughters during a meet-and-greet they won through a contest, only acknowledging them in order to demand they delete candid photos she caught them taking on their phones without her permission. Although the life coach in question has not yet addressed the alleged radio interview mishap or the supposedly failed meet-and-greet, the Page Six insider says that the man has given the statement that everything people have been saying about the singer lately is true, hence his decision to quit.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ariana Grande’s life coach did, in fact, quit because of the singer’s alleged diva behavior. It has, however, been confirmed that the man no longer works in her employment.

By Rebecca Grace

Page Six
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