Mike Thompson Claims He Did Not Cheat on Mama June


Mike Thompson, best known as Sugar Bear on the hit TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, is claiming that he did not cheat on Mama June despite news reports suggesting the contrary. The reality television star gave the statement early Monday morning while he was filmed exiting a McDonald’s in his hometown of McIntyre, Georgia.

Thompson was leaving the fast food restaurant when he was approached by a member of the paparazzi, who asked him point-blank about the recent reports stating that he had been unfaithful to the show’s matriarch by way of online dating. The reports in question alleged that June Shannon had split from her long-term partner after discovering he was a prominent member of multiple dating sites, most significantly PlentyOfFish. Thompson had reportedly created a profile on the website stating that he was looking for long-term companionship, preferably in McIntyre, which he identified as his location. The 43-year-old initially refused to answer the photographer’s questions as to whether or not the rumors were true, stating that he was not at liberty to discuss the matter. However, when pressed to confirm or deny whether or not he was a member of the dating site, Thompson shook his head and said he was not. When asked if he was going to try to rectify the situation with his estranged partner, he said he did not know. Further attempts by the camera person to convince the man to divulge more information were unsuccessful, as he stated he was late for a meeting and exited the scene in his truck shortly after.

While it is unclear by whom Thompson was instructed not to speak about the couple’s breakup, it is widely suspected that the producers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo were behind the Georgia native’s insistence on keeping his lips sealed. The upcoming season of the show has yet to even give a release date for its airing, and said producers are reportedly still struggling to find a way to work the separation into the show without making it a dominant part of the storyline. Network representatives have recently given the statement that while they understand the split cannot be ignored, they are determined to find a way to keep the show’s family value intact. Sources close to the situation believe that producers do not want any of the family members discussing the current conflict between Shannon and Thompson, as it could affect the direction the show goes next.

The couple met nine years ago, by way of an undisclosed online dating site. He is the biological father to the show’s star, Alana Thompson, and essentially a surrogate father to Shannon’s three other daughters in lieu of their birth ones, as they do not keep in contact with each other. Much of the show’s third season centered around the two engaging in a commitment ceremony, which the mother agreed to as a compromise following multiple rejections of her partner’s marriage proposals. Shannon attributed her unwillingness to marry or commit to her previous failed relationships, and to the fact that divorce was very prominent in her family. The 35-year-old was extremely reluctant to even commit to a commitment ceremony, but was eventually convinced by her daughters that it would be a good idea for her and would make them all happy.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mike Thompson’s recent claims that he did not cheat on Mama June are, in fact, true. For now, however, the show’s patriarch remains adamant that the stories are simply untrue.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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