Ellen DeGeneres Scares More Than Just ‘Modern Family’ Star [Video]

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Ellen DeGeneres just loves to scare her guests, and some of them really think they are ready for it, like one of the stars of the hit show Modern Family, who brought his own “got my back” friends. Eric Stonestreet has fell victim to the host’s pranks before, and thought he was ready for anything, but what she had in store not only scared him, but the audience and home viewers as well.

DeGeneres has done everything from hiding in bathrooms to sending people out to haunted houses at Halloween time, but she really upped her game with the unexpected scare tactic she used on Stonestreet. ┬áThe actor that is known to the world as Cameron Tucker of Modern Family fame is one of the shows go-to guests. He just never disappoints, and that is exactly what happened during this interview, as he gave candid stories of how he and co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, go on the road to talk to students. He seems to have a story for everything, just like at one time during a speaking engagement, the comedian saw two young women leaving the auditorium prior to the end of the event. In true comedic style, he tried to call them out, yelling things like, “Hey, where ya going?” When the women continued on, completely ignoring him, he ran up the aisle and jumped in front of them. At this point, the young women’s interpreter stepped in between him and the students, and started translating what he was saying into sign language. He told DeGeneres it was one of his most embarrassing moments.

Stonestreet is not only an actor, and comedian, he is also a loving son, which was proven when he told to the audience the story of getting his old high school band to make a trip to his parent’s house for their anniversary. Even this sweet story came with some humor as he stated that he and his parents were watching football, and when the marching band began to play outside, his mom said of the band on TV “They sound like they are right outside.” The funny man turned off the volume, to which his mom stated, “they must have special microphones.” Very cute and heartwarming story; however, one of these two amazing and funny stories was interrupted by a surprise to the actor and the audience alike. A very scary clown popped up from an unexpected place on the set. Usually the comedian has people dressed up in costume simply come out from backstage to sneak up on the guest.

With Halloween just a month away, fans of the Ellen DeGeneres Show will surely be looking forward to what she has in store for them, and more importantly her guests. The Emmy winning host never fails to have epic Halloween shows, and this year is proving to be no exception. Whether you are a fan of Stonestreet or DeGeneres, the video below will be a delight to either set of fans unless, of course, one might not like surprises, or scary clowns for that matter.

Opinion By Kristi Cereska

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