Fans Disappointed at ‘The Simpsons’ Choice of Character Death [Spoilers]

Fans Disappointed The Simpsons

Producers of mega-series The Simpsons kept their promise and kicked off their 26th season premiere with the death of a character. Unfortunately, fans were very disappointed at the choice. Since a spoiler alert was provided in the title of this article, all readers have been warned that the surprise will be given away: the character who passed was Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. He was voiced by Jackie Mason, who had won an Emmy for the role back in 1992.

Yes, the strict and unyielding father of Krusty the Clown died within the very moments he was talking to his destitute son, who was in the midst of a comedy career meltdown. “If you want to know my honest opinion of you, you’ve always been… eh,” which meant the troubling end to a turbulent father-child relationship. Of course, it also caused the always-over-thinking-everything Lisa to worry that Homer was the next in line.

This also brought an end to the year-long mystery about who would cross over to the great beyond. However, numerous fans seem to be a bit disappointed that a more majorly-loved character did not pass away from all the hype. However, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean stated that for around six months, he had been saying the rumors had gotten out of hand and that people were forming it into overhype. They had started saying it was going to be one of the iconic characters who died, but he declared he never uttered those words. Jean stated that he never once said it was an iconic character who would pass away; he only used the word “beloved.”

He added that the fans totally misinterpreted the title “Clown in the Dumps.” However, once he was totally involved with such craziness, he just went with everything. Regardless, the fans were also expressing their feelings about the death and they feel it was extremely underwhelming and disappointing. A death in the 26th season was expected to be a big event, and they felt it was a big letdown.

They were in wild anticipation on the edge of their seats Sunday night as they waited to see which one of their beloved citizens of Springfield was going to be pushing up cartoon daisies next. It was unknown which character would be joining fellow dead Simpsons residents Dr. Marvin Monroe, “Bleeding Gums” Murphy and of course, Maude Flanders. Flanders’ death had turned out to be one of the most shocking deaths in television history. The Simpsons kept their promise and wrote in another death, but fans turned out to be very disappointed.

After the episode aired in the U.S. on Sunday evening, fans let it be known they were extremely dissatisfied with what had taken place, so they got on social media sites to band together. After all, the death was Krusty the Clown’s father. While he may have been somewhat of a memorable character, he was nothing more than minor at the very best.

Jean likes to look at the other side of the coin. He thinks that now, Krusty will actually become a different sort of character in episodes. He will be a more kind and generous person. Krusty actually is the person he is because he truly believed his dad never gave him the respect that he felt he deserved, but in truth his father did, so Krusty will now be able to have a little more confidence and be more generous.

However, this was the 26th season opener of The Simpsons, so in reality, it is questionable as to how many fans honestly care about Krusty the Clown having an improved mental attitude and better outlook on life in general. Those have never seemed like traits that fans of The Simpsons really care about in their characters. After all, if they did, it does not seem like they would have been so excited to watch and see one of their favorites die. Two and two really do not make four here.

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  1. Zack Parmelee   October 1, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    In the words of comic book guy, “Worst death ever”

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