Five Bodies Discovered Inside Utah Home but With No Evidence of Foul Play

Five Bodies Discovered Inside Utah Home

In Utah, five dead bodies were discovered inside a home in the city of Springville this past weekend. According to Local law enforcement, there was no evidence of foul play. The bodies of a man, a woman and three children were found about 8 p.m. Saturday night inside their duplex. There were no signs of what caused their demise, noted Utah State Police, who are working on trying to figure out the reason for all the deaths.

The deceased individuals were identified as being Benjamin Strack, age 37, his wife, Kristi, age 36, along with three of their children, Zion, age 11, Emery, age 12 and Benson, age 14. Springville police spokesperson Lieutenant Dave Caron, explained that firefighters did not find any traces of carbon monoxide inside the home. However, the investigators had not, as of yet, ruled out the poisonous gas as a possible cause of death.

Lieutenant Caron spoke to several different media sources and stated that at the present time there was no known specific cause of death for the family. There was nothing that shown up as being the  obvious culprit. As to the factor of foul play, the police have not ruled that out yet either. The only thing they stated they were sure of is there was no violent trauma. They are going to have to look at all angles. The lieutenant added that when he was in the home, he did not notice anything that would suggest signs of struggle. He said that he did not see anything of the sort.

The initial autopsy results have ruled out any type of violent attacks. Springville police have noted that the medical examiner indicated the next step would be to carry on the investigation through examination of all the family’s blood samples in order to try to figure out what possibly caused their deaths, explained numerous different media sources.,

Another son of the family claimed to have talked with his family on Saturday morning. Law enforcement officials declared that the five dead bodies were discovered on Saturday evening when that son had decided to return to the home for another visit. The entire scene remains a total mystery without any signs of trauma anywhere in the house.

As was stated above, the primary results of the five autopsies have totally ruled out any kind of vicious attack. The Utah Medical Examiner indicated that to continue the investigation, they needed to collect blood samples from all five victims and analyze each of them in order to try to see if they could figure out what might have been responsible for the deaths.

Each of the five bodies were discovered in one bedroom of the duplex they lived in, explained numerous different media sources that reported on the incident. Firefighters, who went into the house, entered the house wearing protective gear just in case carbon monoxide was in the air, the numerous media affiliates reported. However they did not discover any traces or leaks of the lethal gas. It is still unknown why the five bodies were discovered dead inside their house in Utah.

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