Floyd Mayweather Is Undefeated, Yet Chances of Keeping His Titles Are Slim

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Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated. yet the chances of keeping his titles are slim. Floyd  “Pretty Boy” Mayweather beat Marcos “El Chino” Maidana for the second time last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather, who barely defeated Maidana last May, won the rematch by a unanimous decision in a 12-round pile up. Scorecards from each judge confirmed Mayweather dominated the fight from beginning to the end.

The Mayweather v. Maidana 2 fight was also sold live on Pay-Per-View and pulled in millions of fans from around the world. The first fight between Mayweather and Maidana was so close, many of the fans thought the Argentine would finally take the champion out. At times, the crowds could be heard booing in the audience because so little action took place at last night’s fight.

At age 38, Mayweather is not going to be in the ring for much longer. Last night’s fight was a good win for the champion. Mayweather’s stats are now at 47-0 (26 KO), which means he has never lost a fight throughout his 18-year professional boxing career. Last night’s fight earned him $32 million, bringing him at an income of over $100 million for this year.

Many critics suggest that, before long, Mayweather will begin to lose fights. His first fight against Maidana was nearly a defeat for Mayweather. Maidana pressured Mayweather all throughout the fight and did a lot of damage to the champ. Still, Mayweather won that fight with a much higher number of landed punches.

There will not be a third fight against Maidana, because the scoreboards gave Mayweather the upper hand in each round of the rematch. However, Mayweather is not planning to retire his welterweight and superweight titles until next year.

Although Mayweather is an undefeated champion, there is a chance he will not keep his titles much longer. After beating Maidana last night for the second time, Mayweather talked about his plans to fight Filipino Manny Paquiao next. Mayweather also said he is not “ducking and dodging” other more aggressive fighters, but that many of them fight dirty. Mayweather also claimed that Maidana fought dirty in last night’s fight by hitting him below the belt and biting his glove.

Mayweather is a seasoned fighter and has a lot of skills that many of the younger boxers do not yet possess. Although Mayweather is aging, he does not seem old right now and has proved his energy is as high as any other fighter throughout an average 12 round match. He can stand up man to man in a boxing with men in their twenties and still walk away the champ.

However, some promoters believe because Mayweather has been boxing in the ring professionally for over 18 years, time will eventually take a toll on him. With 47 victories, Mayweather has never loss a match, yet he is not a machine. Guys like Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez are in their prime and want to matchup with the aging powerhouse Mayweather. Other fighters who want their chance to take the title are Kell Brook and Chris Algeri.

Some critics even suggest there are much better fighters than Paquiao and Maidana, and sooner or later, Mayweather will matchup with one of them and lose the first match of his career, unless he retires now with an undefeated record. Despite his age, Mayweather has not hinted at retirement, allowing him the chance to defeat his opponents for one more year.

One thing is for certain, after beating Maidana for the second time in last night’s win, Mayweather will not be able to sit comfortably and enjoy his welterweight and superweight belts. All of these professional boxers are waiting to challenge the great fighter. Mayweather remains undefeated, but that simply keeps a target on his back, making it unlikely that he will keep those titles much longer.

Commentary by Kimakra Nealy

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