Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeats Marcos Maidana in Rematch

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In a highly anticipated rematch, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Marcos Maidana by unanimous decision to improve his record to 47-0. The reigning champion did a much better job fighting his style throughout the night than he did in the first bout between the two. The judges scored the bout 116-111, 116-111, and 115-112 accounting for the point Maidana was deducted for taking Floyd down while in a hold.

Coming into their rematch, Mayweather knew he had to change his approach, while Maidana needed to keep his same approach but do a better job of sustaining it through 12 rounds. Maidana controlled the first part of the first fight by getting into the body of Floyd and using his somewhat awkward approach. Floyd seemed willing to go toe to toe and box in the first fight. However, he soon realized what he needed to do to win was fight with his quickness and counter punching. The first fight was a majority decision and many believed Maidana came closer than anyone ever has to defeating the pound for pound champ.

From the very start of the rematch Mayweather came out like he did in the latter half of the first fight. He was quick and did not let himself stand in one place and get hit by Maidana. On the other hand, Maidana came out much more patient, knowing he would need to do a better job pacing himself in order to win. In the first round of the first fight, the Argentine threw over 100 punches, but in the first round of the rematch, he only threw 16.

Mayweather knew a big reason he gave away some early rounds in the first fight was because he let Maidana get into his body and put him against the ropes. In this fight, he never let the Argentine get too close and quickly moved to hold him anytime Maidana got in close to him. The early rounds went back and fourth with the fourth creating the most action, as Maidana relentlessly went towards the champ, but left him susceptible to the champs quick counter punching.

The defense and quickness of Mayweather really threw off Maidana’s approach, as he was not able get him against the ropes like he was in the first fight. It was almost as if Floyd realized he needed to fight differently this time around, but Maidana thought he would fall into how he fought early on in the first matchup.

In the eighth round, as Mayweather began to pile up winning rounds, there was a controversial stoppage as the champ claimed Maidana bit him in the hand. The referee was breaking them up when Floyd’s left hand started covering Maidana’s face and he looked as if he may have tried to bite him in order to be able to breathe. It is hard to believe the Argentine could have gotten a good bite through both his mouthpiece and the padding of the gloves, but Floyd claimed after the fight his hand was numb after that moment. Maidana denied biting him after the fight and it may never be known if he actually did bite his opponent.

In the tenth round, most likely out of frustration, Maidana had a point deducted after he took Mayweather to the ground when the two were in a hold. He looked as if he was using his elbow to push Floyd around while being held, and eventually took Mayweather all the way to the ground in the facsimile a tackle. It was probably the only round in the latter half of the fight Maidana won, turning the lost point into a crucial mistake.

Mayweather eventually went on to win by unanimous decision, and he really left no doubt this time around who won. In the first fight, the scores and the actual fight were extremely close and some questioned whether Floyd actually won the fight. In this rematch, the champ left no doubt and showed that he was able to adapt to a fighter that gave him real problems.

In the first rematch of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s career, he was able to beat Marcos Maidana by unanimous decision. This rematch was nowhere as close as the first fight and the champ improved his impressive record to 47-0. It is unclear who Mayweather’s next opponent will be, but he says that he will fight again in May of 2015.

Commentary by Max Petkevicius

Photo Courtesy of Hasegawa Takashi – Creativecommons License
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