Frozen Sequel Next Year, Disney Confirms

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A Frozen sequel has now been confirmed for next year by Disney. It will be a shock for some, considering the animation company had previously stated that there were no plans to continue the franchise. However, many will not be that surprised considering how Disney develops franchises based on the success of the first movies.

This is certainly not the first time that Disney has done this. Toy Story ended up with a sequel after the success of the first movie. It took over 10 years for a third movie to appear, but continued the journey with Andy’s toys and was widely accepted by children and adults.

Other movies have gone on to gain sequels due to success. However, a number of cynics wonder whether it is a sign of a lack of imagination. Are writers really struggling to come up with new movie ideas and characters? Or is there an idea of creating as many movies into a franchise until the money dries up?

The Frozen sequel will have all four favorites from the original movie: Elsa, Anna, Kirstoff and snowman Olaf. A storyline has even been shared, with the whole movie being about Anna’s birthday. Elsa and Kristoff want to give her the best present ever. This is presumably her first birthday since the gates have opened.

There is some good news for Let It Go fans (and bad news for those fed up of hearing the song). Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who co-wrote the hit song from the movie will team up again for the sequel. There will likely be another song annoying parents as children sing it over and over again.

So far, the Frozen sequel and song writing team have been confirmed by Disney for next year. The movie will also have the same producer, Peter Del Vecho, and directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as last time. There is no sign that Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell will reprise their voice roles as Elsa and Anna respectively. If the two actresses fail to reprise their roles, there is hope that the movie will still be a success due to the behind-the-scenes team.

According to reports, the movie will involve Elsa’s powers again. Some speculate that she will lose control again, as the storyline shared says that her powers could put people at risk; as well as the party. The movie will be called Frozen Fever, which does not give too much away.

It is not quite going to be a full-length sequel to the first movie. According to reports, it is a mini-sequel, and more as a way to entertain children who simply want more Frozen.

Those who want to see more of their favorite characters do not have to wait a whole year. The new season of Once Upon a Time includes the popular new characters. Many fans saw Elsa walk through to the real world at the end of the last season, and she will be joined by Anna and Kristoff. In once Upon a Time, Anna and Kristoff are getting married.

While the TV show may not be fully suitable for children, the plans for 2015 are. Disney has confirmed that a Frozen sequel will hit screens next year.

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