Google Nexus Rumors Suggest Nexus 9 Is Most Likely

Google Nexus

New Google Nexus rumors suggest that the Nexus 9 is most likely, compared to a Nexus 8. The rumors also suggest that HTC is definitely going to create the new device, and it will be released very soon.

However, there are expectations that there will be two new Nexus devices, although neither will be Google-made devices. Only one is expected to take up shelf space, and there is no confirmation over which one will do that. Many speculate that HTC’s new device will take the pride position, especially considering an announcement about working with Google is expected on October 8.

Google is not expected to release a new device just yet. There is hope that a new Android OS will be released soon. While this will likely be Android 5.0, it is also being called Android L. It would certainly make sense for the tech giant to hold off until it has released a new operating system.

Nvidia has confirmed that a Google Nexus 9 is expected in the 2014’s third quarter. This was in a document for a patent lawsuit against Qualcomm. The document was quickly changed to remove any mention of the name of the device. The device will have the Tegra K1 processor, which was created by Nvidia and how the company knows the plans. It has led to the suspicion that October 8 will be used by HTC to announce the new tablet. However, others suggest that the Desire 820, a new smartphone, is also the reason for the upcoming conference.

However, it certainly seems like the Nexus 9 is the most likely device out of it and the Nexus 8, if the Google Nexus rumors are anything to go by. Of course, the rumors have been wrong in the past. Last year, numerous rumors were released about a second generation of the Nexus 10. People saved their money believing that the device would be released in the Thanksgiving sales. By the end of the year, people gave up taking the hint that no new Nexus device was coming after all.

If HTC is making the new device, it will mark a rekindled partnership between the company and Google. The smartphone giant was the original Nexus makers, being there for the release of the Nexus One. However, Google moved onto partnerships with other companies, including Asus, to create other tablet and smartphone devices.

Knowing that the device will have the K1 processor, there are some wondering whether the Nexus 9 will really be a replacement for the Nexus 7. Some suggest that it could replace the Nexus 10, which is why the device never got a second generation upgrade last year, like the Nexus 7 did. There were talks that Google would get rid of its larger tablet because people did not want something so large. The Nexus 7 has been perfect for those looking for something on a low budget.

The suggestions are still just rumors at this time, but things are looking more and more likely. It certainly looks more likely that the Nexus 9 will be released rather than the Nexus 8, if the suggestions from the latest Google Nexus rumors mean anything.

By Alexandria Ingham


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