Gun Control Group Leader Expresses NAZI Sympathies

Gun Control Group Leader Expresses NAZI Sympathies
During a recent discussion about gun control on the social networking platform, Twitter, the leader of a prominent gun control advocacy group revealed her affinity for NAZI philosophy and then attempted to cover up her unfortunate remark.

The admiration that the Progressive Left has for nazism comes as no surprise to anyone who has taken more than a cursory look at the movement’s history and way of thinking, but it never ceases to shock the system when one of their ilk actually comes out with a remark that praises one of the vilest and most brutal systems of government that ever existed.

Supporters of the 2nd Amendment are under no illusion that, given the opportunity, Progressives would, indeed, round them up and transport them all to death camps, or visit upon them some equally gruesome fate: Virginia Democrat and Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson, recently tweeted “Dear God. Please use Ebola to infect the @NRA and its various members. For they are A [sic] true virus and true virus and true terrorists in America.” Punctuation errors notwithstanding, it should disturb every reasonable American that a candidate for public office describes a section of the population as a “virus” and “terrorists.” This is exactly the kind of language that led to the holocaust.

Wsie words to live byAlison Martin, leader of the leftist front-group Moms Demand Action, recently became involved in a Twitter discussion about gun control. On the subject of increasing background checks, Martin remarked to one of her opponents in the discussion “I don’t understand why u would be against measures like expanding background checks. Do u have something to hide.” When another user pointed out that Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, once said “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” Martin’s reply, stunningly, was “Mr. Goebbels’ words are wise words to live by.”

Yes, she actually said that. Let that sink in, for a moment. Alison Martin actually believes that these words, spoken by a man who devoted his career to justifying the oppression and genocide of the NAZI regime, were “wise words to live by.” The fact that she even referred to the infamous propagandist as “Mr. Goebbels” demonstrated a level of respect – even admiration – for the man. Truly chilling. Martin later deleted her twitter account but, as everyone – except, apparently, her – knows; once you put it on the internet, there’s no getting rid of it.

The answer to Ms. Martin’s question about expanded background checks is, of course, very simple: The reason gun rights supporters are opposed to those checks being expanded is because any background check is, by definition, an attempt to discover a reason not to allow someone to do something or – in this case – not to allow a person to possess something. By logical extension, therefore, an expanded background check means an opportunity to merely widen the search for reasons to deny a person their constitutional right. The truth behind the push for expanded background checks is that the goal is to enable the authorities to keep digging, and keep digging, until they come up with a reason – however flimsy – to deny anyone the right to purchase a firearm.

The gun control group Moms Demand Action is a charade; nothing more than yet another front-group for a Progressive, dictatorial agenda and its leader, Alison Maritn, has revealed her NAZI sympathies. The very world-view of Martin, Mike Dickerson and the unhinged former NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg – another prominent anti-gun campaigner – is the very reason why gun-owners should never surrender, ore even register, their guns, no matter what laws are passed; those guns may turn out to be the only line of defense against the malignant cancer that is Progressivism.

Opinion by Graham J Noble


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3 Responses to "Gun Control Group Leader Expresses NAZI Sympathies"

  1. color switch   October 30, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Wow – what an informative blog site – i need to spend more time here and intend to do so

  2. veritatas77   October 16, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people in the US Government that would gladly take your information on these terrorist training camps.

  3. Jim Hamilton   September 25, 2014 at 2:19 am

    I have read about a lot of muslim uprisings in The US, and even more in England after they gave up their guns.
    The h0m0s think Christians are intolerant just wait till the muslims start lopping off heads!
    Don’t let Obama convince you that these fools aren’t Islamic! They talk about radical Islam, I tell you right now, The founder of Islam, Mohammad was every bit if not more radical than these fools. This is true Islam at work!
    This is why we must NOT not allow islam to grow here in the United States and we MUST NOT surrender the second amendment!
    Law Makers know that we’re not far off from having suicide bombings at Wal-Mart
    Esp. if the Federal Government keeps letting the terrorist training camps
    continue to grow here in the U. S. When the muslims start kicking in your door
    and telling you to convert or they will remove your children’s heads then what
    are the anti gun nuts going to do? muslims faith is islam and islam is actually
    a form of government under sharia law it is not a religion!

    If the non believers set back and watch islam grow their mosques and the so called moderate islamists sit back and watch the so called radicals behead the Christians, then eventually islam will be the only government (It’s not a religion)
    But to the non believers out there, once the Christians are gone you will see who the intolerant ones are, once the campaign for convert or die begins and they start lopping off heads, so you better choose a side.
    There is no middle ground In Matthew 12:30, Jesus says, He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

    Ya know, I don’t enjoy the death of any child and those hostages who were beheaded were somebody’s children. The muslims seem to just love dead things even their own babies. Their babies are already being taught to hate America from day one, I can only blame their parents for teaching such hideous beliefs. islam is not a religion and this is why why we need to stop this islam from growing here in the United States lest we become islam.


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