Hulk Hogan in Hot Water Over Restaurant Dress Code

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan has found himself in hot water over the required dress code for his restaurant in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hogan has reportedly learned of the PR issue and has been doing his best to rectify it since.

Hogan’s Beach restaurant, to whom the wrestler gives permission to licence his name but in no way has any actual ownership of, has a strict dress code which authorities at the venue are reportedly very serious about enforcing. The code essentially bans all attire that those in an urban environment enjoy wearing, leading to allegations of racism by the restaurant. Baggy clothing and low hanging bottoms are explicitly forbidden at the restaurant, along with workout clothing, bandanas, and excessive jewelry. When asked to give comment on the venue’s clothing restrictions, an employee gave the statement that the dress code is essentially non-existent during lunch and dinner, and only strictly enforced during concert events. In regards to the excessive jewelry ban, the employee merely said that he did not want to be stereotypical, and reportedly failed to continue the response. Concerns were also raised regarding the restaurant’s promotional video, which features not only Hogan himself wearing a bandana, but also a white male wearing camouflage pants (which are also not permitted to be worn inside the venue unless the wearer has valid military identification). Viewers also took notice of the lack of African-American individuals in the video, something the dress code has come under fire for seemingly targeting in terms of the kind of apparel they forbid.

The 61-year-old claims he was unaware of the venue’s sign detailing their dress code, and has since demanded they take it down for good. The restaurant has reportedly complied with his wishes, and the sign is no longer visible to the public. The Georgia native gave the statement to TMZ that the dress code was merely modeled after ones put in place in Miami and Las Vegas pool parties, and that it was never intended to be offensive. He admits he can see why some people would take offense to it, however, and as such told the restaurant to axe it all together.

Hogan has certainly been receiving his fair share of media lately. Just last month, he blasted former Dallas Cowboys lineman Phil Costa, saying he was a terrible fiance to his daughter Brooke prior to their split. He gave the comment that he had never liked Costa, and that there was no way his daughter was going to marry someone he did not approve of. He claims the engagement made him so angry that he and Costa nearly engaged in a physical altercation over the matter, a situation he claims was diffused due to the former man’s realization that the wrestler was much bigger than him and could potentially cause him grave damage.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Hulk Hogan-inspired restaurant, Hogan’s Beach, following the recent conflict over the venue’s dress code. The sign in question, however, is said to have been taken down following the former reality television star’s request.

by Rebecca Grace

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