Sarah Palin to the Republican Rescue

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Sarah Palin

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight for the Republican party as she attempts to help rescue struggling campaigns. This follows a less than stellar appearance by the Palin clan at a party in Alaska a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, Palin was in Kansas to throw her support behind U.S. Senator Pat Roberts. The former Alaskan Governor stood next to the 78-year-old Republican Senator, flipping pancakes at a public appearance in front of 250 people at the Independence Historical Museum and Art Center. The appearance was intent on helping bolster the Republican Senator’s numbers and supporters as he prepares to take on Independent candidate Greg Orman.

Palin has now joined the fold of Roberts supporters such as her former 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain and former Senator Bob Dole. At the appearance, Palin said that Orman was trying to “snooker” the Kansas voters, turning a race that was clearly Roberts into a very close fight. After the Democratic candidate pulled out of the race, the original thought was that Roberts had the race to retain his Senate seat locked up. However, Orman surged forward and has made it into a close contest.

Roberts had barely survived the primary election against Tea Party candidate Milton Wolf, who had said the Senator was out of touch towards the needs of his Kansas constituents, and was now a Washington Insider. The fact that he beat Tea Party member Wolf in the primary election drew some confusion to the backing from Palin. The former Vice Presidential candidate is a known Tea Party supporter, and after her stop in Kansas to show support for Roberts, Sarah Palin is headed next to Louisiana to attempt to rescue the campaign for Tea Party member, Republican Rob Maness in a bid to dethrone U.S. Senate Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu and Republican candidate, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy.

Maness currently is seeing single digit support in his race for the Senate. The hope is that the presence of Sarah Palin will boost Maness numbers and put him right in to the middle of the race between Landrieu and Cassidy. The Tea Party candidate is a newcomer to the political scene and will be holding a special campaign dinner at Restaurant Des Familles in Crown Point, Louisiana, where Palin will be his special guest. Maness hope is that with Palin appearing with him, chowing down on alligator at the Louisiana restaurant will help increase his numbers and potentially put him in the position for a runoff to capture the Senate seat. Most experts are calling this a long shot, and that his continued push could draw needed votes away from Cassidy and cost the Republicans a Senate seat.

Besides appearing at an alligator dinner with Maness, reports indicate that Palin has recorded a campaign radio ad for the candidate to further push his numbers up. Experts are calling Maness chances, even with the support from Palin a long shot, indicating that the support from Palin could, in fact, harm the Republican Party’s chances to win in Louisiana.

This whirlwind tour throwing her support to various candidates across the country comes a few weeks after the entire Palin clan was involved in an incident in Anchorage, Alaska. The Palin family attended a party that ended up in a brawl. Upon arrival, Palin’s son Track got into a fight with a former boyfriend of his sister, Willow. Palin’s eldest daughter and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Bristol was seen punching the party host in the face repeatedly. The former Alaskan Governor was witnessed to be screaming “Don’t you know who I am?” as her husband Todd ended the night with a bloody nose. The happenings at the Anchorage party have never really been addressed by Sarah Palin as she attempts to rescue Republican candidates struggling campaigns as the election seasons continues to ramp up.

By Carl Auer

The Wichita Eagle
Guardian Liberty Voice

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