Identity of Jack the Ripper Allegedly Finally Discovered Due to DNA

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Identity of Jack the Ripper Allegedly Finally Been Discovered Due to DNA

The actual identity of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper has allegedly finally been discovered due to a DNA breakthrough. Russell Edwards, an author and amateur detective, states that he has solved perhaps the most notorious crime spree in all of history.

All this began when Edwards, age 48, purchased a blood spattered shawl at an auction in Bury St. Edmunds, in the U.K. The item of clothing belonged to Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes and considered to be the only piece of forensic evidence which existed from the entire case. Edwards explained that he had spent nearly 15 years investigating the killings and working on them.  He stated that DNA evidence from the shawl gave him proof on who Jack the Ripper truly was.

The author was able to enlist the help of Dr. Jari Louhelainen, who is considered an expert in the analysis of DNA genetic evidence. The doctor was able to extract DNA evidence that was just over 125 years of age from the shawl. He found DNA traces from the blood stains which proved to be from Eddowes herself and also discovered DNA in semen smears from whom was thought to be Jack the Ripper himself.

The DNA samples were matched with DNA from descendants of the victim and also various suspects who had been thought of being the killer. The tests came back with two perfect matches: Eddowes and one specific suspect. With that it meant that the killer of  Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly, Mary Ann Nichols, Elizabeth Stride and Annie Chapman had finally been identified after all these years. One out of six main suspects named at the time of the murders had been proven by cutting-edge DNA investigation to be the legendary killer.

The six prime suspects had been Prince Albert Victor, Aaron Kosminski, Walter Sickert, Edward VII’s son, Sir William Gull and even Queen Victoria’s doctor and after the DNA tests, Edwards announced that Aaron Kosminski, age 23 and a Polish immigrant who ended up dying on the inside of an asylum, was “definitely, absolutely and categorically” the man who was the one behind the grisly killing binge in London’s East End in 1888.

Some of the best minds in Criminology have attempted to solve this mystery and been unsuccessful. The Ripper did his hideous deeds in the largely penniless areas in and around the Whitechapel region of London. His nickname had come from a letter penned by an individual claiming to be the killer which was broadly dispersed around to the media.

In the present day, that letter is now thought to have most likely been a hoax and may have actually been written by a reporter in order to intensify interest in the murders. Jack the Ripper was also called “Leather Apron” and “the White Chapel Murderer.”  He preferred killing prostitutes and also mutilated them after he murdered them.

Kosminski was considered insane and was considered a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders almost from the beginning. He had immigrated to England from Poland in the early 1880’s and had worked as a hairdresser in White Chapel, which is located right in the East End of London. That is the exact location of the murders which happened in 1888 as was stated above. In 1891, he was institutionalized inside an asylum.

It was years after the murders had stopped that alleged documents were found, which exposed the suspicions of police officials against Aaron Kosminski. A memorandum, penned in 1894, was written by Sir Melville MacNaghten who was an Assistant Chief Constable of the London Metropolitan Police. He had written down the name of one of the suspects as being a Polish Jew by the name of Kosminski but had omitted a first name. MacNaghten’s memo was found among private papers of his daughter, Lady Aberconway, by a media journalist in the late 1950’s and a shortened version was released to the public from the Metropolitan Police Service archives in the 1970’s.

MacNaghten had written that there was strong reason for believing Kosminski to be the actual killer because the man had a great hatred for women and also had very intense homicidal tendencies. Aaron Kosminski was not a member of the British Royal Family, any kind of distinguished surgeon or a famous politician and the truth is that serial killers seldom are.

If Edwards has really uncovered the true identity of Jack the Ripper, it must be told that Aaron Kosminski was a disgusting, wretched creature, a lunatic who could only receive any type of sexual gratification from slashing innocent women to death in the most vicious manners. He would finally end up dying in the Leavesden Asylum due to gangrene when he was age 53. It was reported that at the time of his demise, he weighed only 98 pounds. The real identity of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper may have finally been discovered due to DNA cutting-edge technology. If so, then the murderer was Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski.

By Kimberly Ruble


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