IOS 8 Updates Great but Require Lots of Space (Temporarily)

iOS 8

The early reviews are in on the iOS 8 updates, with most people who have downloaded them saying that they are great, but they take up a lot of space. The more cynical reviewers have suggested that it might be a ploy on Apple’s part to get users to just go ahead and purchase the iPhone 6, rather than deal with the hassle of deleting a ton of information to install the iOS 8 updates.

Apple, however, is having a difficult enough time trying to meet the tremendous demand that already exists for the new iPhone 6. It is unlikely that the company’s introduction of the iOS 8 updates have much, if anything, to do with an attempt to sell even more of a product that the company is already short of. It is probably more a gesture on Apple’s part to say that everyone who has older iPhones are still important to the mega-corporation.

Still, among the biggest complaints of people who have attempted to download the iOS 8 updates is that they just do not have sufficient room on their iPhones available. It reportedly takes from 4.7 to 5.9 GBs of space available to be able to install the updates, though, to be fair, Apple has stated that the use of this much space is only temporary.

The downloadable file, itself, is not 5 GBs or more — it is just 1 GB large in size. That is where the word “temporary” comes in. Apple has stated that users will get back all back the 1 GB of space that the files requires. but because it is a compressed file, when it is opened up it needs to spread out and that is where the extra required space comes into the equation. After the iOS 8 update has been fully downloaded, users will be given back the space they had to delete.

Of course, getting back the “space” does not mean that users will somehow magically be given back the music, photos, apps, or whatever had to be deleted to give the updates room to spread and grow. It is recommended by some sources, like an article in the Huffington Post, for people who have an iPhone with 16 GBs of storage, to “back up 1 GB, delete it off your phone,” and then when the iOS 8 updates have been fully downloaded, “bring back the media.”

Another recommendation is to plug the iPhone into a computer and go to iTunes. This way, the compressed file can have the room it needs to spread out on the computer, rather than directly onto whatever iPhone to which it is being downloaded and eating up valuable space.

What are some cool features about the iOS 8 updates?

What are some of the cool features about the iOS 8 updates? There are a lot of great updates included that just might make the hassle of downloading them worth it to many iPhone users. For instance, there is a new, easier-to-use keyboard. Now, owners of iPhones can make use of ‘predictive typing,” which users of Android smartphones have already had for some time. Three words are suggested above the keyboard to choose from be ignored. This feature can be turned off it is becomes too annoying.

Voice messaging is something else that now can be done thanks to the iOS 8 updates. Also, users will discover that opening up apps takes less time to do, which is a definite plus. Besides that, there is now the ability to swipe through photos in an email to locate precisely the one that a user is searching for more quickly.

Other features that the iOS 8 updates include are things like making it easier to deal with the notifications and texts a user receives; eliminating the “Missed” tab in the Notifications Center; sharing one’s location with another person; the ability to reply directly now to text messages rather than having to switch apps; a redesigned Control Center; iCloud Drive; and, Family Sharing, which allows a person to share his or her purchases from sites like iBooks, iTunes and the App Store with up to six other family members.

Also, it is possible now to set the Exposure on the camera app without having to tap on a dark object in the photo and users will be able to take time lapse videos. Another of the camera-related iOS 8 updates is that there is now a timer option of either 3 or 10 seconds, perfect for anyone who likes taking selfies.

There are many, many more updates that are included with the iOS 8 updates. However, many owners of iPhones have not liked the idea of having to free up the amount of space needed to download the compressed file the updates are in. The tips in this article might make the hassle of dealing with that issue a little bit easier to handle, though the actual downloading of the iOS 8 updates still will take around two hours to accomplish.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Huffington Post
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    I can’t download ios8 after I downed about 700 MB it field and start again. So please guid me some one

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