iPhone 6 Bends Beneath 70 Pounds


Controversy has surrounded the iPhone 6 and its larger cousin the 6 plus since their release last week. With reports of phones allegedly bending in people’s pockets, and a host of viral videos online to prove it, members of Consumer Reports magazine have taken it upon themselves to put the rumor to the test and have discovered that the iPhone 6 bends beneath approximately 70 pounds of pressure.

The Consumer Reports team applied a full laboratory examination to settle the matter, subjecting both models to a “three-point flexural test,” during which the device is supported at both ends while downwards pressure is applied to its center. The exact weight at which the phone began to bend was then measured with a high-precision compression indicating machine.

The test results have determined that while the iPhone 6 will begin to bend beneath 70 pounds of weight, it took up to 90 pounds before the larger 6 plus began to deform. It was not until 110 pounds of pressure had been applied to the 6 plus that it finally started to break apart.

In response to the public outcry that has surrounded the bent phones, Apple Inc. has defended itself by saying that the iPhone 6 should not warp or bend if subjected to normal use. It also stated that only nine customers had approached the company with official reports of deformed phones since the product’s release last week.

Apple also sought to put an end to the controversy by inviting journalists into its laboratories to demonstrate how the iPhone 6 is stress-tested before it hits the market. One of the tests includes the same “three-point flexural method” that the Consumer Report applied. According to Apple, each phone is subjected to approximately 55 pounds of stress during the test. Apple also stated that although the phones are only tested to 55 pounds, they are capable of withstanding much greater pressures, a fact which has now been proven by the Consumer Report.

The global technology company has suffered no end of drama over the last few days as it attempts to handle both the bending iPhone 6 and also the flawed iOS 8 update that had to be removed earlier this week. Within minutes of downloading the update customers reported a loss of cellular network and the inability to make phone calls. The update was pulled by Apple only hours after its release.

The combined media fall-out from these issues helped contribute to Apple’s rapid decrease in stock value on Thursday, which saw the company lose over $20 billion in value and drag much of the market down with it. Since then the technology giant has managed to reverse the drop and is now seeing its share’s climb back up over the important $100 mark.

Apple’s public apology and the re-release of the iOS 8 update have so far helped to steer the company back into the favor of its customers. The results of the Consumer Report test, which show that the iPhone 6 will only start to bend beneath at least 70 pounds of pressure, have also restored the company some credit after giving proof to Apple’s firm insistence that it has released another good-quality product onto the smart-phone market.

By Mathew Channer

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