Jennifer Lawrence: Another Oscar With ‘Serena’? [Video]


Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress who very well may be poised to take home her second trophy next year with the release of her new period drama, Serena. Lawrence plays the wife of her Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle co-star, Bradley Cooper, who has discovered that she is incapable of bearing children shortly after marrying Cooper’s character.

The first official trailer for Serena was released on Sept. 12 and brings light to a new type of character audiences have yet to see from Lawrence. The young actress displays a captivating presence that is usually only seen by well-seasoned actresses such as Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. Lawrence’s strength for storytelling is very evident in the trailer, as one could easily be lost in the dialogue or complex storyline that the film displays if left to less capable hands. But the Hunger Games actress clearly communicates what was fully intended to be brought across in her character, all within a 2-minute trailer.

Official movie poster for ‘Serena’.

An additional point of impression that audiences should be aware of is the fact that Serena was filmed years ago and has been in post-production for a long while now. Lawrence and Cooper’s involvement in the film was announced in January of 2012: before Silver Lining Playbook had begun production and even before the release of the original Hunger Games film. Serena should prove to be a very interesting performance by Lawrence, being that it is one that she had no expectations to fill at the time of filming.

The shocking, and arguably frustrating factor with Serena is that the film will be released on November 27 – in the U.K. only. No release date for the U.S. has been spoken of which could be the result of the fact that the film may not get much attention from American audiences due to its subject matter or even that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is scheduled for release around the same time and could steal all of the Jennifer Lawrence “thunder.”

Regardless, Serena will undoubtedly be available to all nations with the advent of its DVD and Digital HD release and is already in whispers to serve as an Oscar contender next year. The statement that the character of Serena could be considered Jennifer Lawrence’s own version of Lady Macbeth has been made. The statement speaks a lot for not only the anticipation of Lawrence’s performance, but of the dark and intricately deep material she is portraying.

Based in a time period reflecting the great depression, the storyline follows Serena Shaw who falls in love with and marries the wealthy George Pemberton. The couple retreats to the mountains of North Carolina to begin their very own lumber empire and acquire more wealth for themselves. Upon learning she is unable to give birth, Serena discovers that her husband has an illegitimate son and sets out on a personal journey to destroy him.

Brothers director, Susanne Bier directs Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in the film inspired by Ron Rash’s novel, Serena, and could very well score Oscar nods for directing and acting categories. Serena releases in U.K. cinemas on November 27 and the international trailer can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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  1. Gina   September 12, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    I think the November 17 opening is for Australia; the UK is October 24, following the London Film Festival.

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