Joan Rivers’ Doctor Claims Selfie Story a Lie


Joan Rivers’ personal doctor is claiming that the report of her taking a selfie during the procedure in which Rivers stopped breathing is a blatant lie. A source close to the woman released the statement early Thursday afternoon.

Gwen Korovin says that the CNN story detailing the alleged photo taking is 100 percent false, and is blaming the source behind the story for concocting it. She says the source, who informed CNN that they were a staff member at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, went out of their way to make up lies when informing investigators what they knew about the incident. She also goes on to say that reports surrounding Rivers being given a biopsy that was not previously discussed are also untrue. Many of Korovin’s patients have backed up her claims that her track record as a doctor is without a blemish, calling into popular gossip website TMZ in order to express their support for the woman and praise her skills as an ENT professional.

Korovin is certainly not a novice when it comes to performing procedures on high-profile celebrities. Indeed, the walls of her medical office are reportedly covered with signed photographs of the A-list clientele she has worked on aside from Rivers. These photographs reportedly include such big names as Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, John Mayer, Brooke Shields and Celine Dion. The latter even made Korovin a part of her 2010 documentary, entitled Through the Eyes of the World, in a segment that was dedicated to the work Korovin did on Dion’s damaged vocal cords.

Rivers passed away after a week-long battle to stay alive following her endoscopy on August 28, in which she stopped breathing altogether. Following the medical procedure being immediately halted, she was transferred to a hospital at which she was put into a medically induced coma, due to her having suffered both cardiac and respiratory arrest during the surgery. Three days after the event took place, Rivers’ physicians decided to attempt to bring her out of the coma, with the hope that she would recover. The day after, she was taken out of intensive care and moved into a private room, however, the comedienne passed away.

The doctor who was the official surgeon behind the endoscopy was shortly thereafter let go from the clinic on administrative leave after the clinic’s board requested that he step aside. The board subsequently made it clear, however, that they were not directly blaming the man for what happened. Members of the board in question gave the statement that their reason for releasing Lawrence Cohen from his clinical duties was due to his allowing Korovin to step in and aid with the alleged biopsy, when Korovin did not have the proper authority to aid in such a surgery. The board was extremely concerned with the fact that if the cause of Rivers’ death was indeed the result of an unauthorized biopsy, then the fault would seemingly lay in the hands of Cohen for giving the procedure the green light.

It remains to be seen if Korovin’s claims that she did not take a selfie during Rivers’ endoscopy are true. However, both Korovin and her associates remain insistent that the story is nothing more than a lie concocted by a misinformed source.

By Rebecca Grace

San Jose Mercury News
Mail Online

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