Johnny Dynamo Season Two Starts September 14

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Johnny Dynamo Season Two Starts September 14

For anyone who loves the Web Series Johnny Dynamo, created by Dennis Mareno and Joe Thomas, the news that season two of this off-beat look at a washed-up action television star is starting on September 14 will be cause for celebration. Starring newcomer Rick Wells (The Accidental President, The Good Book) as Robert Pierce Mitchell, aka RPM, aka Johnny Dynamo, the series follows the change of fortune of a star who fell from grace after a publicity stunt went wrong.

Mitchell, has learned to live out of the limelight and turned his back on the world of acting and television. He lives in the suburbs of Nashville and none of his neighbors know who Robert is, or was. His wife and daughter share his home, along with his now peaceful life and one day when a “Where Are They Know?” show recaps Mitchell’s story, interest in his past is rekindled.

Three fans, who happen to be budding entertainment entrepreneurs, approach the former Johnny Dynamo with the idea of rejuvenating his career and his television character. Reluctant to go down this road, Robert fights internally with the idea of revisiting his old role and suddenly being thrust into the public’s gaze once more.

This Web Series, which boasted no “known” stars in its first season, has been named one of the top 10 webisodes on the net by Variety. The show’s plot dealt with Mitchell’s “rise” from obscurity along with some disastrous misinformation that could kill the actor’s new career just as surely as the failed publicity stunt.

Now Season Two of Johnny Dynamo, that starts on September 14, looks to be increasing the pressure on Robert’s career rejuvenation by adding some new characters and added menace. An appearance of the mob, some family dissatisfaction and missing money, all come together to put Mitchell may into a real-life plot of his old TV series.

Two big names have been added to the cast-list of the web show. Terry Kiser, best known as Bernie Lomax from the 1989 film Weekend at Bernies and an actor with 138 credits to his name along with Tommy “Tiny” Lister (The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight) have been added to the show for some comedic menace.

Webisodes have been moving up in the entertainment world. Felicia Day with her wildly popular The Guild series that ran for five years is just one example of how well these Internet “television” shows are received. Day has a devout following of fans who adore her webisodes about online gamer girl Codex and her socially inept “team” of MMORPG players.

There are, and have been, a great many of these web series on the Internet. Head over to YouTube and type in “Dr Horrible” and the short series Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will pop up in the search results. Apart from the Felicia Day connection, names associated with this Joss Whedon cult hit include Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris.

Disney got in on the act pretty quickly with The Suite Life of Zack & Cody two years ago and the one thing that all these “short” television shows have in common are good production values. The length of the episodes range from under eight minutes – The Guild – to 22 minutes – The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – but most seem to be around 12 minutes. These short shows are entertaining and have the added bonus of not being interrupted by commercials regularly.

Award winning actor Terry Kiser pointed out that working on these webisodes is no different than working in television or film. He also explained that in terms of production values, Johnny Dynamo is on par with any show available on TV. Fans of the show can see for themselves when season two starts on September 14. The Johnny Dynamo second season trailer is below with Terry Kiser and Tommy “Tiny” Lister making their “first” appearances in the show.

By Michael Smith


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