Miley Cyrus Art Show


Miley Cyrus is getting a chance to show the world another facet of her personality. During designer Jeremy Scott’s runway show for New York’s Fashion Week, Cyrus’ own fashion art will be on display. Many of the pieces can be seen on her Instagram, as she has been posting pictures of her work as she makes the pieces. Once the runway show is over the pieces will then be put on display at the gallery of the V magazine offices.

Many know Cyrus as an actress, a singer, even a song writer, but not many know that she is also an artist. She believes that people see her as dumb or just some pop star, but now she wants to show people there is more to her than just her music or ability to act. Being able to showcase her work on a runway during Fashion Week is exactly how she plans to show off what her art means.

Cyrus believes that these pieces are a reflection of herself and her life. It is all about the journey she has been on over the past year or so. The art is a way for Cyrus to show that she is not just a pop star but also a creative individual. Much of the material comes from random things she finds or things she has been given by fans. She has even found things at Petco in order to make her art pieces.

For Cyrus the collection is a metaphor for the voyage her life has been on. As things got difficult in life, she found a new, creative outlet for her feelings. When discussing her new collection entitled the Dirty Hippie, Cyrus talked about being in the hospital, when her dog died and all of the other negative things that continued to happen in her life. She turned to making the art as a way to cope with the problems she was facing in life. Even the close people in her life agree that it is Cyrus taking the bad things in her world and transforming them into something good. She has taken to transforming the things she already has into pieces that make her happy and take away the negative.

Cyrus has been sharing her works on Instagram with her fans for months, but now she will be showcasing her work for the entire fashion world. In an interview discussing her art she says she wants people to look beyond her pop persona. Her goal is to be more than just some pop star. Working with Scott on his runway show has given her a sense of peace and calm. She has used her friendship with him to help her stay creative and she is looking forward to showing the world her talent.

Cyrus’ art show in conjunction with Scott’s runway show will happen Sept. 10. After the showing the pieces will be brought to the V magazine gallery and be available for viewing as of Sept. 11. Cyrus is excited for the show and is looking forward to seeing the models wearing her pieces, items that she made especially for them.

By Kimberley Spinney


NY Mag



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