Justin Bieber Temporarily Joins List of One-Ear Deaf Celebrities

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has temporarily joined the list of celebrities suffering one-ear deafness. In many cases, people would never realize that their favorite actors and sports personalities are partially deaf. For many celebrities, it is also something that they have come to live with and may have even grown up with.

Bieber lost his hearing when he perforated his eardrum while cliff diving. Hollywood Life reports that it was possibly the force of the water that has caused a small tear in his eardrum, but this can be fixed with surgery. However, for some celebrities, the one-ear deafness is a permanent problem.

On the list of partially deaf celebrities is Gerard Butler. The 300 actor was born with a right ear that was partially deformed. He needed surgery to fix that, but now has hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear). He claims that because of his hearing issue he has a crooked smile in photos. However, it does not stop him from singing, as noted in Phantom of the Opera.

Huey Lewis is another musician suffering from hearing problems. He has hearing aids in both of his hears, and regularly campaigns so that he raises the awareness of the things that contribute to hearing loss.

While it is not quite hearing loss, William Shatner has to deal with a hearing issue. The Star Trek actor has severe tinnitus on a regular basis. This happened after a prop exploded on set of the futuristic TV show, and makes it difficult to hear through the ringing. It is also extremely uncomfortable, and affects about 50 million citizens in the U.S. alone.

Bieber may suffer from tinnitus after his surgery, but for now he temporarily joins the list of celebrities with deafness in one ear. Pete Townshend is one of the celebrities on the list. He suffered partial deafness when Keith Moon’s drum was blown up in a 1960s concert. He now has partial deafness in the other ear due to blasting playbacks while recording.

Jennifer Lawrence went deaf in one ear temporarily while on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The problem came under similar circumstances as Bieber’s, due to water. She spent a lot of time in water during the filming, and it lead to constant ear infections and problems. She also suffered a punctured eardrum due to the jets within the water. The hearing loss lasted for about two weeks.

This was a case of life imitating art in a way. During the first The Hunger Games novel, Lawrence’s character Katniss loses her hearing in one ear due to an explosion. It all seems permanent until the Capitol surgeons fix the problem. It is mentioned in the second book, Catching Fire. However, it was not used in the show, maybe due to it being difficult to show it on screen.

The good news for “Beliebers” is that the singer’s hearing may return through surgery. However, Bieber will temporarily join the list of celebrities who are deaf in one ear until the surgery happens; if that is all he really needs.

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