Justin Bieber’s Eardrum May Be Saved

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s eardrum may be saved, but it will require surgery. The singer damaged his hearing while cliff diving, and Hollywood Life asked medical professionals to give their opinion on the risk of being deaf in one ear for the rest of his life.

The 20-year-old went cliff diving on Wednesday, and according to him “busted his eardrum.” It is likely that the force of the water damaged the eardrum, which is known as a tympanic membrane. According to California Pacific Medical Center anaesthesiologist, Dr. Barry M. Rose, the treatment is known as a tympanoplasty. This is a relatively minor and “superficial” surgery, and should mean that the damage is an easy fix.

It would mean that the hole within the eardrum will be covered by a piece of tissue. The majority of the time this procedure is carried out as an outpatient operation, and causes no long-term problems for patients. However, no surgery is 100 percent risk free, which has been noted recently when Joan Rivers went in for a routine throat operation to fix her vocal cords. The comedic legend suffered a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. She was placed on life support for a short time before her family decided it was time to let her rest in peace.

When news hit that the Canadian singer had damaged his hearing, a number of his fans started to panic. All they wanted to know was what it meant for his career. The good news is that Bieber’s eardrum may be saved through surgery.

Until then, he will still be able to make music. He can still hear out of one ear, and it doesn’t affect his vocals. However, it may cause some problems for him to sing in tune while he gets used to hearing with just one ear until he gets the surgery; if that is all he needs.

He has not posted anything personal on his Twitter since the day of the incident. The last thing was about something personal for his fan club members, but shared no insight as to what that could be. It is likely that he is talking to surgeons about his options for surgery and what it would mean for him. The Boyfriend singer will also want to find out the risks of the surgery, and what would happen if he chose against it.

A perforated eardrum is not going to heal itself, so Bieber will need surgery to correct that. Otherwise, he will be another celebrity who is deaf in one ear. There are more than many realize. Jennifer Lawrence was left temporarily deaf in one ear during the filming of The Hunger Games. It was life imitating art, considering her character Katniss is left temporarily deaf in one ear during the first novel. Gerald Butler also suffers from hearing loss in one ear, due to an ear deformity as a child.

One of the most famous musicians and composers to go deaf was Ludwig van Beethoven. He continued to compose music despite not being able to hear, and is one of the favorites when it comes to classical music.

It is unlikely that the 20-year-old singer will be left deaf in one ear forever. Bieber’s eardrum may be saved through surgery.

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