Keanu Reeves Suffers Home Invasion a Second Time

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has suffered his second home invasion. This time, the intruder was caught naked in the actor’s pool. It comes just days after the initial invasion from another female fan.

The woman got through an unlocked door and made her way to the shower, before deciding to take a dip in his pool. The Matrix actor was not at home at the time, but his cleaning team was. The team got suspicious when they saw her in the pool, and decided it was time to call their employer. Reeves then decided to phone the police after realizing that it was nobody he knew.

Just days before, the actor found another female intruder. She was waiting for him in his library, and he needed to call 911. She was reportedly acting erratically, although did not put the actor’s life at risk. However, it is not confirmed how she made her way into the home. The Matrix actor was reportedly sleeping at the time.

The police arrived immediately and took the woman away. The same happened this second time. Both women are not having mental evaluations.

Reeves is not the first actor to suffer a second home invasion. Over recent years, a number of celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Sandra Bullock have had to deal with people breaking into their homes. Gomez’s ordeal is possibly one of the scariest. Her trespasser had just been released from police custody for trespassing on her property, and decided to do it again. Luckily, she was not at home.

Miley Cyrus has also been the victim of a home invasion. She was on her European Bangerz tour when the break-in happened, and some of her property was stolen. While she was upset, at least she was not at home. It could have been much worse.

Bullock was sleeping when her home was broken into. She awoke to find Joshua Corbett in her home, and had to phone the police. Corbett was arrested by police and now faces charges.

Reeves’ cleaning crew likely have a lot of questions to answer. One of those will be why they decided to leave the front gate and door open. They would have known the risk of that, but decided to do it anyway. Even while in the house, it would have been better to lock at least the front gate to minimize the risk of a home invasion.

It may be a lesson to keep all doors and windows locked at all times, and make sure cleaning staff do the same. There seem to be more and more home invasions happening at the moment, and no celebrity is safe from harm. It is a sad day when even celebrities are not safe in their own homes.

Reeves has acted with grace throughout the two ordeals, and even reportedly spoke to the first woman to find out why she was there. She simply said that she wanted to meet him, which may have been the reason for the mental evaluation. Now Reeves has suffered a home invasion for the second time, but there is no confirmation of whether he will take new protective actions to prevent it happening again.

By Alexandria Ingham


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Photo credit: CC-2.0 Mark Dunne

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  1. Anne Sewell   September 25, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Hmm… time to increase his security? 🙂

    • Alexandria Ingham   September 26, 2014 at 2:10 am

      You would think that would be his next step, right?


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