Grey’s Anatomy Callie and Arizona May Not Stay Together

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Callie and Arizona in Grey’s Anatomy may not stay together during this season. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes does not know how she wants to end this relationship at the moment, and says there is a 50/50 chance of it going either way. While some fans will not be shocked that the two may finally go their separate ways, others will complain that it is just another relationship that is doomed and unrealistic.

Throughout the whole show, there has only been one relationship that is not likely to end in divorce; Meredith and Derek’s relationship. However, they have not had it easy, and they will not have an easy ride in season 10. Their relationship and that of Callie and Arizona are the two bigger storylines when it comes to relationships on the show.

Both have a lot of history. Meredith and Derek started back in season one. While there was a period where the two were separate, they eventually found their way back to each other and now have a little family of four.

Callie and Arizona have been faced with problems from the start. First of all, Arizona decided to leave her relationship behind in favor of working in Africa. When Callie got pregnant after a fling with Dr. Mark Sloan, Arizona needed to make the decision of whether she wanted children in her life. It was not something she initially wanted.

The two stayed together, but Callie and Arizona may not stay together during this season of Grey’s Anatomy. There is the chance that Callie will get second thoughts considering Arizona’s cheating scandal during the previous season. However, it is going to be a difficult situation considering the two have finally agreed to surrogacy for a second baby.

While some fans want to see an end come to the only lesbian relationship on the show, others would just like to see a relationship work out. There are unrealistic roadblocks thrown in the way of every single relationship on the show. Characters either leave Grey’s Anatomy to bring a final end to it, or others die. There is a sense of “so how long will this one last” whenever people get together on the show.

Season 10 is expected to be Meredith central, taking the show back to the start. While Christina has left, the main doctor will need to turn to Alex Karev for support. He will become her person, and it causes problems for his relationship with resident Jo. She will also face problems with her own relationship with Derek, who wants the two of them to move to Washington D.C. so he can continue working with the president. However, she is not ready to leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital behind yet.

There is also the problem of another half-sister turning up. This one was revealed at the end of season nine. She is the daughter of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber, and was a surprise for the former Chief of Surgery.

While the season will be Meredith central, other storylines will still run in the background. One of those will be about Callie and Arizona, who may not stay together by the end of season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. Frances   October 17, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    GA is doing something no other show has dared to do, but yet people would like to see them divorced. Why. Have they not between through enough? Why is it no one wants them to be happily married with children. Why can’t both Arizona and Callie/ Derek and Meredith have an happy ending. Let them be the foundation of GA.


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