Mike Sorrentino Ordered to Stay Sober Pending Indictment Trial

Former Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino, A.K.A The Situation, has been ordered to stay 100% sober as a condition of his recent release from a New Jersey jail pending his upcoming indictment trial. The reality television star and his brother were indicted on Wednesday for felony tax fraud, and were released upon a $250,000 bond.

The 32-year-old has been instructed to refrain from consuming any amount of alcohol or drugs whatsoever in the days leading up to his impending trial, which is said to be slated for October 6th. He will also reportedly be subject to random drug testing, to ensure that he is complying with the aforementioned restrictions. Sorrentino has given the statement that staying away from drugs and alcohol will not be a problem, as he has been sober since 2012 following his release from rehab for painkiller addiction.In addition to staying away from the aforementioned vices, he was also required to surrender all passports and is not allowed to leave New Jersey or New York without receiving prior permission.

The New York native and his brother Marc turned themselves into authorities early Wednesday morning upon being indicted tax evasion and conspiracy to commit tax fraud, respectively. They were subsequently charged with the crimes, and released on the aforementioned bond amount soon-after. If convicted, Sorrentino could face up to a total of nine years in a federal penitentiary. There is no word yet on the time, if any, his brother is facing for his role in the events. Both brothers reportedly pleaded not guilty to the alleged charges. The indictment was ordered after the United States government accused Sorrentino of failing to pay his full tax bill on his earning of almost 9 million dollars, the majority of which he earned through his role as The Situation in MTV’s Jersey Shore, which aired from 2009-2012. He was also briefly the headliner behind a signature brand of vodka, entitled Devotion. This endeavor failed after the vodka company allegedly swindled millions out of the television star after he had held up his end of their bargain and endorsed the beverage for some time. The former model sued the company for breach of contract, a lawsuit in which they counter-sued him for the same. He and his brother are accused of filing false tax returns in order to maximize the amount of earnings Sorrentino could potentially keep for himself from his aforementioned endeavors.

The judge who ordered the actor’s sobriety is said to be concerned of a potential relapse for the television personality, who has faced heavy addiction problems in the past. Much of the final season of Jersey Shore centered around his struggles with said addictions, along with the possibility that he was also getting wrapped up in heavier drugs such as cocaine. During filming of one particular episode, he was seen to be inhaling an unknown powder-like substance through the gold crucifix he was wearing around his neck. He has since denied the allegations. His addiction to prescription painkillers is said to have formed as a result of the neck injury he sustained while competing on the 11th season of Dancing With The Stars, which aired in 2010. Although the reality television star claims he has been sobered since exiting rehab for said addiction, the judge in question is not taking any chances.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mike Sorrentino will comply by his order of staying 100% sober following his indictment for tax fraud. Neither he nor his representatives have yet given any statement surrounding the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

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