Nick Cannon Says He Did Not Cause Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa to Divorce

Nick Cannon says he did not cause Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa to divorce, nor did he do anything to cause marital problems between the two. The America’s Got Talent host has reportedly been telling people close to him that the rumors circulating regarding his involvement in the split are simply not true.

Follow the news of the couple’s impending divorce, Cannon’s name has been repeatedly dropped in reference as to what went wrong, with much of the public alleging that he and Rose had engaged in physical activity prior to her filing for divorce. The rumors have been linked to the two’s growing professional relationship, with Rose having just signed on to begin filming a show detailing her life, a show that will be headlined by the 33-year-old himself. The television show will reportedly be centered around Rose’s rise to fame in the fashion industry, and Cannon is said to have also convinced the woman to pen a book describing her life’s journey. He insists that their relationship is still only of a professional nature, despite reports that the 30-year-old has had a crush on Cannon for years and has orchestrated the circumstances in order to put the two of them together and potentially build a romantic relationship. When recently approached by a photographer in Beverly Hills who asked her to divulge information concerning her relationship with Cannon, Rose remained silent and refused to acknowledge the paparazzo’s request.

The split between Khalifa and Rose was announced early Wednesday morning, when the news broke that the latter had filed for divorce. In the documents, Rose says the two officially broke things off on Monday and states irreconcilable differences as grounds for the divorce. Neither have yet given any statement regarding the reason behind said differences, although rumors have been circulating in the past few days that allege to Khalifa being unfaithful. In terms of the couple’s one year old son, she is asking for full physical and legal custody, with Khalifa having visitation rights. The documents in question state that the two drew up a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married, a document which Rose is reportedly not contesting and has listed as valid in the divorce petition. Source close to the pair describe their split as bitter and in no way amicable, predicting that the divorce proceedings could potentially get ugly.

Cannon himself just got out of a long-term relationship, after having been married to pop superstar Mariah Carey for over six years before the two split up earlier this summer. Their breakup has also been less than friendly, with rumors flying back and forth between each of their camps pointing the finger as to whose fault it was. Carey’s people say that their client got fed up with her husband acting like a child and divulging intimate information regarding their personal life, and also worried herself to the breaking point about where he was and if he was committing any acts of infidelity. Sources close to Cannon, however, say that he could no longer put up with Carey’s incessant need to control everything and her inability to handle anyone saying no to her. He has also reportedly alleged that his estranged wife is keeping their two children from him, a matter which is said to have sent him into a great depression.

It remains to be seen whether or not Nick Cannon’s claims that he had nothing to do with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s impending divorce are, in fact, true. For the time being, however, the television personality is adamant that he had no involvement whatsoever in the couple’s breakup.

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