Kendall Jenner Teams Up With Rock the Vote [Video]


Kendall Jenner is teaming up with the Rock the Vote campaign, in order to better encourage youths to voice their opinion on the political on-goings of their nation. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram to post a video in which she voiced her support for the cause.

In the video, the 18-year-old described how easy it was to vote, even if one is an American traveling abroad. She encouraged those who were currently stationed in a different location to use Rock The Vote’s mobile app, which allows you to vote from anywhere as long as you are an American citizen. She then explains how, even though she is currently in Europe for fashion week, she was able to register to vote via the apps easy to use registration tool. The video ended with her urging her fellow youth to heed her advice on this past Tuesday, which was National Register to Vote Day. Jenner also took to social media to encourage those who had missed registering on September 23rd itself to go ahead and do it anyway, as it is never to late to get involved.

Jenner is not the first celebrity to publicly support Rock the Vote. In fact, more than three dozen high-profile names have voiced their encouragement for getting youth more involved in politics. These names include Christina Aguilera, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson, and just to name a few. The campaign has given the statement that having celebrity endorsements is beneficial in terms of getting young people to become aware of the cause, primarily for the reason that younger individuals are more up to date with what famous people are doing and often times want to be involved in such activities. It is believed that youth will respond more positively to suggestions from celebrities regarding activism than they will by simply seeing an advertisement by an unknown political figure or the like encouraging them to take a stand. Indeed, many have already voiced their admiration for Jenner in terms of her willingness to play an active role in the political participation of youth like herself, and it is hoped that her fans will proceed to take her advice and try to make a difference themselves.

Jenner has certainly been receiving her fair share of media coverage in the past year although for slightly difference reasons than her recent political activism. She has received much scrutiny for her willingness to post scantily clad and provocative pictures of herself on social media since she turned 18, an event which she marked by sharing a photograph herself in a mesh shirt with nothing underneath, covered in water. Just last week, fans were shocked by an Instragram photo the reality television star posted that appeared to show her naked behind a shower curtain, a possibility that has been neither confirmed nor denied by the model herself. This move was viewed by many as extremely hypocritical, as she had very recently shamed her half-sister Kim Kardashian for her nude GQ photo shoot, which the girl deemed as embarrassing.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact Kendall Jenner’s recent involvement with the Rock the Vote campaign will have on the younger generation. Regardless of the outcome, the television personality remains adamant that political involvement is extremely important for the nation’s youth to take part in.

by Rebecca Grace

Hollywood Life

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