Rod Stewart Sued by Fan

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is being sued by a fan after an incident with the soccer ball. The fan claims that his nose was broken after the singer kicked a football into the crowd. This is the first time the 69-year-old is being sued for this type of incident, despite regularly kicking soccer balls into the crowd.

On October 7, 2012 Stewart was performing in Las Vegas. During his performance, he took a soccer ball and kicked it into the crowd. The idea is that a fan will catch it and have a fun memento from the show. However, one fan got a lot more than he had bargained for.

Mostafa Kashe stated that he had to leave the performance early. The football hit his nose and broke it, meaning that he and his family could no longer enjoy the performance. His claim was that the soccer balls are kicked with so much force that there is a risk of the patrons being injured. That was just the case for him.

Despite the event taking place almost two years ago, Kashe decided to file the lawsuit on Monday with Nevad’s Clark County Court. He is also suing AEG Live, which was responsible for promoting the concert. The promoter should have warned fans that the soccer ball would have been kicked with force, and Kashe believes there is an element of negligence there.

The complaint for the fan suing Stewart goes on to claim that the singer was careless and possibly reckless. This is something he should have known, considering his previous attempt at playing soccer at a professional level. He also has extensive experience playing it at an amateur level from his younger days. The fan claims that he should have known about the risk of his actions, and decided that they were still worth the risk.

Kashe’s broke nose allegedly needed immediate medical attention. Ongoing treatment was also required, which has meant his health care costs have increased considerably. The fan was worried about the cosmetic damage done to his nose. He was also in pain—mentally and physically—and decided to leave the Caesar Palace concert early with his family.

There is an unofficial argument for the defense. This is something that Stewart does at all of his performances, considering his soccer playing background. He signs a number of balls and then kicks them into the crowd as free mementos. Nobody has ever had a complaint before, and the fans arguably should know that this is going to happen at some point. However, the 69-year-old did state this year that he would be hanging up his football boots to avoid injury to fans. He has not mentioned whether this specifically meant no longer kicking soccer balls into the crowd.

There is also the element of the extensive nature the fans will go to so they can get one of the soccer balls. At no point does the complaint cover Kashe’s actions to grab the soccer ball, which may have resulted in the broken nose.

The fan is seeking more than $10,000 in compensation for the incident as he sues Stewart. The fees will go towards his medical bills, attorney fees and missed income from work.

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