O’Hare International Airport Possibly Once Again Busiest Airport in World

O Hare International Airport  Busiest Airport

In Chicago, O’Hare International Airport once again has possibly gained the honor of being the busiest airport in the world. That is a title it ended up losing around 10 years ago, stated city officials on Wednesday afternoon. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport wrangled the heading away back in 2005 and has kept it all this time.

That is according to official flight counts done by the Federal Aviation Administration. Before that time, O’Hare had held bragging rights to the honor since the beginning of the Jumbo Jet Era, when it exceeded the total number of flights at Midway Airport, which had then been in the lead.

From January to August of 2014, over 580,000 flights either landed at or flew away from O’Hare, stated the FAA. Chicago representatives stated that a portion of the increase was related to volume of international passengers. That happened to rise through the first part of year. It was around eight percent at O’Hare which accounted to over 5 million passengers and went up 15 percent at Midway which meant nearly 290,000 passengers. In the last two years, both O’Hare and Midway brought in six new international airlines and added several new destinations.

Regardless of all the fan fair, they are still having some problems. The operations at Terminal 1 of  O’Hare just started to get back to normal on Wednesday morning, after a part of the station had to be emptied for over an hour while airport and Chicago police examined a suspicious looking bag.

Law enforcement stated that an unattended piece of luggage located in an upper area of the terminal incited the response around 9:30 a.m. Both the baggage claim and ticketing areas were shut down and evacuated while the upper and lower level inner thoroughfares were partly closed. The police also suspended the Airport Transportation System to the terminal.

An anonymous source spoke to the media and explained that a K-9 unit showed that there might be something suspicious inside the bag, but law enforcement stated the situation was fixed and had given an all-clear around 11:15 a.m. This was after the bomb squad examined the luggage and stated that it held no kind of explosives. The terminal was then reopened and ATS service resumed. The upper and lower roadways were also opened back up. No flight operations at the airport were affected by the clearing of the terminal.

Even with the shut-down, O’Hare remained being busy. With that, it shows it is quite an asset for the entire city of Chicago. Such gains should help the metropolis to bring in even more businesses and congeal the city as being one of the top connected in America and all over the globe.

The exciting declaration was made at the ending of the 20th World Route Development Forum, which was held in the city this week. The convention aims to bring together both airlines and airports as an interacting event and also aids in helping form the future of flight directions. Apparently, the future of O’Hare could be once again being the busiest airport in the world.

By Kimberly Ruble


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