Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premiere (Recap/Review)

once upon a timeSeason 4 premiere of Once Upon A Time surely brought some chill and it seems like Storybrooke can’t catch a break from all the drama. As season 3 ended with Elsa from the Frozen coming to Storybrooke, the viewers knew that a new character is coming into the town. And based on what the season premiere showed, the gang from the Enchanted Forrest just got another crisis to deal with.

A Tale of Two Sisters begins on an open ocean, where a huge storm is about to sink a ship. The Queen of Arendelle is writing a letter for her daughters, saying that they have to know the truth, because this is the only thing that will save them. She puts the letter into the bottle and as she throws it into the ocean, a giant wave sinks the ship.

Five years later, Elsa and Anna are putting flowers on their parents grave and Elsa tells her sister that she has a surprise for her wedding. The next thing that happens is Elsa walking from the barn in Storybrooke, so this is basically the continuation of the scene from the season 3 finale. Again, as she walks down the street, she is forming more and more ice.

The season premiere of Once Upon A Time continues at Granny’s, where Regina just found out that the woman, who Emma brought back from the past, is Marion, Robin Hood’s wife. As she walks out of the diner, Emma follows her and she tries to talk to her. However, she does not regret the fact that she saved Marion’s life and she tells Regina that she will not apologize for saving that woman’s life. During their conversation, Emma asks Regina how can she help her and she tells Swan that the more she tries to help her, the worse her life becomes. After that, Robin and Marion also come out of the diner and Robin says that they should talk about the situation. Marion realizes that her husband and Regina are together and she does not know that Regina is not the Evil Queen anymore. However, she says some hard words and Regina walks away. Henry, Emma, Snow and Charming are worried that she may become evil again, since she lost the men she loved. Again.

On the other side of the town, Grumpy and Sleepy are driving in a truck and Elsa is still walking down the street. She looks very confused and it looks like she has no idea where she is. As Sleepy falls asleep behind the wheel, he loses control of the vehicle and the truck almost hits Elsa. However, she stops the truck as she forms the ice and the dwarfs have no idea what just happened. Elsa keeps on walking and as she arrives to the town, she sees a wedding dress and this brings back a memory. In her flashback, she is showing her surprise to Anna. Elsa gives her sister a wedding dress. And not just any dress; it is their mother’s wedding dress. Elsa also gives her sister a necklace with a snowflake and while Anna steps away to try the dress, Elsa finds her mother’s diary. As she is reading it, snowflakes start falling around her. Anna can tell that something is wrong and when she asks her sister about it, she only says that it is her fault that their parents are dead and then she runs away.

Rumpel visits Neal’s grave and as he tells him a story from the past, he admits that he found love again, with Belle. However, he started their marriage with a lie, since he gave Belle the fake dagger and kept the real one. Rumpel promises that he will be the man who Belle loves and the man who Neal died for.

Robin visits Regina and apologizes. He tells her that she is not the monster and that he was also a different person in the past, but he changed. However, he made a wow to Marion and she is still his wife, so he must do the right thing. He leaves and Regina breaks a mirror with her anger. As she picks up a piece, she gets an idea. Regina goes to the hospital and in the basement, there is the area where she used to hold Belle a prisoner. When she opens the door, Regina greets her own friend: the Mirror, aka Sidney. She tells him that someone is standing in the way of her happiness and she needs her old friend’s help.

Belle surprises Rumpel as she takes him to a big, old house, which seems to be empty, since nobody claimed it after they all returned to Storybrooke. Belle thinks that this is a perfect place for their honeymoon. As they enter the house, Rumpel freezes Belle and puts the real dagger in her purse. Before the couple continues their tour around the house, an item on the table catches Rumpel’s attention. However, he walks away and he says nothing about it. Belle takes him to a big hall and there, the newlyweds have their first dance.

Snow, Charming, Emma and Henry are all taking a walk with little Neal and they are very worried about Regina. She is not answering her phone and nobody saw her since that night at Granny’s. Snow talks to her daughter about Hook and Emma seems very confused about the whole situation. In the next moment, Hook joins them and asks Emma if she is avoiding him. The two of them step aside to talk and Swan tells him that she is dealing with a crisis. However, Hook replies that they are always dealing with crisis, but that does not mean that she cannot live her life. Before they can continue their conversation, Sleepy and Grumpy run down the street and they scream that they are under attack.

Once Upon a Time moves back into the past. Anna finds her sister in the woods and Elsa tells her that their parents did not go on a diplomatic mission. They were afraid of what was going on with Elsa, so they tried to find a solution. Anna tells her that her parents in law could help them get some answers, so they decide to pay them a visit. However, the sisters do not get many answers, but they do find out that their parents were traveling to Mist Haven. Anna tells her sister that she should go there, but Elsa says that she is a queen now and she cannot go. However, Anna is not giving up, so she decides that she will go to Mist Haven. Elsa tells her that she does not want to lose her and that it is better if she just stays in Arendelle.

Season 4 premiere of ABC’s show continues back in Storybrooke, Emma and Hook follow Elsa’s ice path and they arrive to some old storage facility. Elsa is hiding there and she seems very scared. Swan and Hook almost find her, but Elsa makes a giant ice monster, which heads into town. Meanwhile, Elsa finds a piece of newspaper with a picture of Rumpel and Belle and it looks like she now has some idea of why she is in Storybrooke.

Regina is having a conversation with her Mirror friend and she tells him that they need to change the story in the book. She does not want to kill Marion in present time. Regina wants to travel back into the past and undo Emma’s mistake. However, Regina needs Mirror’s help, because she does not remember when she sentenced Marion to death. Nevertheless, Mirror can show her that exact moment, so she puts Sidney back into the mirror. Regina now sees that she sentenced Marion because she refused to tell her where Snow is.

The giant ice monster is still in town and people are running scared. When everything else fails, Emma uses her magic. However, she only makes the monster more angry and it out powers them all. Regina appears, just when the monster is about to attack Marion. It seems like she decides to let Robin’s wife die, but in the next second, the monster is gone and Regina saves Marion’s life. She now has to admit that after all, maybe Regina is not the monster. Emma and Hook stay behind in the woods and he tries to kiss her. Swan pulls away Hook is convinced that she is avoiding him. Emma admits that she feels guilty because of Regina, but Hook believes that she is not telling him everything. Emma then kisses Hook and tells him to be patient.

Swan goes to visit Regina, but she does not want to open the door. However, Swan tells her that Henry brought her to Storybrooke to bring a happy ending and her job is not done until she does that for everyone, including Regina. Swan leaves and Regina gets an idea. She summons her Mirror friend and she tells him that together, they will change fate. Regina tells him that because of this book, she is the one who is suffering, not Marion. All stories in the book have one thing in common: villains never get the happy ending. Regina says that she will find the writer and force him to give her what she deserves. It is time for the villains to get their happy endings.

As Belle falls asleep, Rumpel heads to the room where a strange box caught his attention before. He takes the real dagger and travels over the boy with it. Suddenly, the box starts turning into some kind of a cloud and it changes into a hat, with some purple mist inside.

Back in Arendelle, Elsa is looking for her sister and Kristoff tells her that Anna decided to go to Mist Haven. Her ship is just about to sail out and as Elsa gets to the pier, Anna is already gone. She ask Kristoff why did he let her go alone and he replies that Anna wanted him to stay beside Elsa, because she did not want her sister to be alone. Also, Kristoff tells Elsa that Mist Haven is otherwise known as the Enchanted Forrest. Back in the Storybrooke, Elsa breaks into Gold’s pawn shop and she finds her sister’s necklace, the one with a snowflake. As she looks at the necklace, Elsa says: “Anna, I will find you.”

Based on what Elsa remembered and did in the season premiere of Once Upon a Time, the viewers can assume that Anna never came back from the Enchanted Forrest. Elsa seems to be on a mission to find her sister and she will not stop until she finds her. It looks like a new villain just arrived to Storybrooke.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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