Oregon Teenager Allegedly Brings Bomb to High School


An Oregon teenager was arrested after he allegedly brought a bomb to his high school in St. Helens, which is located around 30 miles to the north of Portland. The boy, age 16, supposedly was showing the explosive to some friends of his on Friday morning at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant before he took it on to the school, stated St. Helens law enforcement. His friends went to school administrators, who in turn called the police and had the high school evacuated. Students were taken by buses to a local elementary school while the Oregon State Police bomb squad performed a sweep of the entire building.

The sophomore was reported to have confessed to having the bomb inside his locker. Oregon State Police declared that the device was dangerous and was capable of exploding. St. Helens Police Lieutenant Terry Moss stated that the explosive could have definitely hurt someone. He added that even though the situation was not to the extreme that the explosive device could have  blown up the entire high school, it most certainly was capable of badly injuring  or killing a person.

One of the teenager’s friends exclaimed that he was in shock about what had happened. He said that he could not believe that the teen had brought something like that to their school. The suspect allegedly informed him that he had made the bomb himself. The friend added that he thought his friend had only intended to try and scare people at the school and that was why he brought it in the first place. The friend stated that was the only reason he could come up with as to why his pal would have brought an explosive device to school.

The suspect was put under arrest and then taken to a local county juvenile detention center. He now faces felony charges for both manufacturing and also possessing an explosive device along with disorderly conduct. The teenager is scheduled to appear before a judge on Monday, several different news sources have reported.

Lieutenant Moss applauded how the high school took control of the crisis situation. He explained that they were able to perform a total evacuation of the campus and that was no small accomplishment. He added that school officials should be celebrated for the way they handled everything. Even though the students were emptied out of the building while the situation was ongoing, they were allowed to return to their classes around 11 a.m. PT, stated St. Helens high school administrators. Although the all-clear was given and most returned to their classes, many opted to go home instead.

Law enforcement discovered the bomb, which they stated as being one that was homemade.They did not give any further details on the device itself. It was indeed inside the teenager’s locker, just as he had stated it would be, reported Lieutenant Moss. The bomb squad removed it so it could be examined in greater detail before the final destruction of the explosive device would take place. The name of the teenager was not released due to the fact he was a juvenile, and law enforcement stated he did not threaten any specific person. Regardless, the teenager is now being detained due to the fact that he allegedly brought a bomb to his high school.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Kimberly Ruble   September 27, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Thanks Douglas!! Yeah this was scary stuff!!

  2. Douglas Cobb   September 27, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Great article! It is good that the threat was acted upon before something potentially deadly and tragic resulted.


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