Pixar: All Films Within the Same Universe [Video]


The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni is the viral explanation that tells how all the Pixar films are within the same universe. Bloop Animation has brought Negroni’s theory to visual life with a video that pinpoints each event Negroni has marked on the Pixar timeline.

The Pixar universe has created numerous family friendly stories that display clever intellect, entertaining humor and heartwarming memories. Since the release of the first Pixar film, Toy Story, in 1995, the franchise has brought forth numerous successes, all of which have garnered excellent audience and critical praise. Over twenty Academy Awards have been given to the animation studio including multiple wins for Best Animated Feature Film.

Negroni’s theory is one of much depth and a vast amount of research. The timeline Negroni has placed the Pixar films within is one that is very much unexpected, but makes complete sense once explained. The writer touches base on every single film by Pixar and has many sources at ready to defend anyone that questions his continuity. Negroni’s theory begins with the period piece Brave as the Pixar film from the most distant past and concludes with Monsters, Inc. as the story that takes place farthest in the future.

While proving how all Pixar films reside within the same universe, Negroni focuses on the interesting factor of a power struggle between humans, animals and machines. A struggle that has some tie-ins to today’s society. In the writer’s theory, the dependency of one variable on the other gradually rotates overtime, creating a clean and linear history that makes perfect sense. Some similarities between the truth Negroni has brought to the light and the truth of the world today can tend to be almost frightening as it seems as if Pixar is almost predicting ways of the future.

Animals with varying degrees of intelligence have played large parts in the Pixar series. Characters like Dory from Finding Nemo and Dug from Up hold special places in viewers’ hearts. Negroni discusses the fact of the growing intelligence in animals, and later, machines, that is displayed in his timeline. Overtime, the animals and the machines within Pixar become less and less dependent on humans until the tables have turned completely. Rising action is seen when the characters from Toy Story, who are not machines or animals, but are still non-human figures, retaliate against the human kid who torments toys. Later in Toy Story 2 and 3, toys like Jessie the Cowgirl and Lotso the Bear have shown their disdain for previous human owners due to their sense of abandonment.

By the time one reaches Wall-E in Negroni’s timeline, machines seem to have taken control completely as the human race is struggling to survive by escaping to a spacecraft and merely existing as machines tend to every human need, thus making the humans dependent on machines whereas in earlier films like The Incredibles, the factors were vice versa.

Negroni also makes note of a singular character that has a major role in two of Pixar’s biggest films. The character’s reveal and the connection that is made at the end of Negroni’s story and Bloop Animation’s video is a very unexpected, yet heartwarming reveal, indeed.

One must give a huge round of applause to Jon Negroni for the amount of time and dedication the writer has put into constructing such a detailed template of revealing all of Pixar’s films to be within the same universe. Negroni’s original post on the matter can be read on his website and the Bloop Animation video outlining his story can be viewed below.

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By Cody Collier

Jon Negroni

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    I’d like to know Pixar’s thoughts on this 🙂


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