Revenge Season 4 Trailer Released (Video)


Fans of ABC’s Revenge have come one step closer to discovering the twists and turns of season 4. With less than two weeks until the season premiere, fans got a taste of what the popular show’s executive producer, Aaron Harberts has in store for viewers this upcoming season. Season 3 left audiences in severe suspense with major cliffhangers and unanswered questions, thus making a snippet of what is to come essential for revengers. ABC released an extended Revenge season 4 video trailer, that has surfaced on various social media platforms. The catchphrase for Season 4 is now: What Goes Around Comes Around.

A quick view of the minute and a half plus trailer will ensure that this season’s catchphrase is quite fitting. Season 3 closed with the ABC drama’s main character, Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) finally winning over her rivals, the Grayson family. Emily, who is actually Amanda Clarke, the daughter of David Clarke, has a major beef with Victoria Grayson, (Madeline Stowe), for setting up her father to take the fall on a terror scandal. This scheme led to Clarke’s imprisonment and eventual murder before the show takes place. ABC’s original premise for the show centered around Thorne disguising herself and resurfacing as the alias in the Hamptons to avenge her father’s death. Viewers learned over three years the intricacies of past events, including Victoria’s romantic involvement with Clarke. At the time Emily was still Amanda and just a child, but little did she know Victoria’s husband, Conrad Grayson, helped orchestrate the catastrophic events.

Viewers quickly fell in love with Emily’s story as a heartbroken child turned woman scorned, after her father is taken away from her so early in life. With seemingly nothing to live for but her revenge Emily schemed, lied, and risked both her own safety and that of her loved ones in order to infiltrate the Grayson’s circle. While the walls of her forged life as a socialite became exposed over time, her ultimate goal was accomplished last season. After three years, she has finally taken down the Graysons. Many viewers wondered what direction showrunner Sunil Nayar would go in Emily’s long waited triumphs, having already paid a hefty collateral price, with many of her loved ones now gone.

The new video trailer released for Revenge Season 4 answers that question profoundly. Revenge fans need not worry. The drama will still be about retribution, however now the plot will be reversed. The haunted will now be doing the haunting, as Victoria will be seeking her revenge on Emily. Season 3 ended with Victoria in a psychiatric ward, with the assist going to her arch rival Emily. Now that Victoria has pieced together all of the tragic events of the past three years and knows exactly who is responsible, she appears to be undaunted in her new mission. “When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay,” says an irate Victoria on the trailer. Season 4 of Revenge will be all about Victoria avenging the damage Emily has inflicted upon her life.

With the deaths of Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane), during the Season 3 finale, the show will need to new players. The trailer only flashes bits and pieces of the future, but viewers have been already been made aware that David Clarke is alive and well. After killing Conrad in last season’s shocking finale, Clarke’s return will be highly anticipated. If revengers thought Emily was going crazy last season, they may be in for a world of shock when they see how she reacts to news her father faux death. Clarke, played by James Tupper was previously only shown in flashbacks of episodes, until the Season 3 finale but he will be a main character this season. With the releases of its latest video trailer, it appears Revenge lovers will have their work cut out for them in Season 4, trying to figure out new plot twists, yet again. Revenge Season 4 premiers Sunday, Sept. 28 10|9c, on ABC.

By: Brandon Wright

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  1. Jeri Lee Snyder Hicks   September 20, 2014 at 3:32 am

    now how is David, Victoria, Amanda/Emily, and Charlotte all going to become one big happy fam” hmmmmmm………

  2. Lana Scott   September 18, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    I hope it will work… Victoria is on revenge mission… sounds cheesy, since she got exactly what she deserved…

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