Iggy Azalea Ex-Boyfriend Claims He Has Right to Publish Sex Tape

Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend is claiming he has every right to publish the sex tape the two made together several years ago, by way of the business contract she signed allowing him permission to publish or manufacture her image in any form. A copy of the legal documentation in question was released on the popular gossip website TMZ early Tuesday morning.

Hefe Wine, who was previously the Australian rapper’s manager, has given the statement that he feels she signed away her right to maintain a secure handle on publication of her image when she put her name on the business contract he drew up for her in 2009. The section in the contract details Wine’s right to advertise, manufacture, sell, or distribute any embodying recordings or images. Although he admits that the form was signed in order to promote the 24-year-old’s music career, he believes that the contract contains a loophole that gives him the freedom to publish or sell the tape to anyone he likes. He backs this up by stating that all he would have to do is create a pretense for releasing the tape that suggests doing so is beneficial for her musical career. The contract also gives him the right to create a website in order to share Azalea’s works, something that Wine feels would give him the ability to create a website solely for the tape and then use it as a host for publication. The man’s statement comes just a few days after adult entertainment industry honcho Steven Hirsch, of Vivid Entertainment, reportedly offered a salary of seven figures in exchange for acquiring the recording.

Azalea has only recently admitted the tape in question did indeed contain her involvement. When news of matter first broke, representatives at her camp were insistent that the female in the recording was not their client, going so far as to threaten the suing of anyone who released the tape with the rapper’s name attached to it. Azalea then went on to say that even if the video did contain her, there was a distinct possibility that she was under 18 when it was shot. If the latter possibility had rendered true, Wine would not be allowed to release the tape in any form whatsoever or he would face criminal charges.

Wine addressed these concerns, but went on to state that Azalea was indeed of age when it was shot, and therefore he has every right to release her name along with the media. The Mullumbimby native has also expressed her opinion that Wine is only threatening the release of said tape in order to enact revenge on her for the termination of their relationship, which reportedly did not end amicably. She believes the man is bitter not only about the way their relationship went south, but also at the fact that their business ties were also severed after the two decided to go their separate ways.

Iggy Azalea has not yet released a statement regarding Hefe Wine’s recent statements surrounding the potential release of their sex tape. However, both she and her representatives are currently doing everything they can to axe any potential publication attempts of said recording.

by Rebecca Grace

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