Sarah Hyland Has Smoother Sailing Ahead After Split With Matt Prokop


Actress Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame has smoother sailing ahead of her after her stormy split with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Prokop. Though Hyland felt compelled to have a temporary restraining order filed against Prokop, she has appeared to have moved on with her life, and seemed like her old self once again at the Teen Vogue‘s 2014 Young Hollywood issue launch party. The Friday evening event was sponsored by Emporio Armani, and it was held in Beverly Hills, California.

Sarah Hyland, 23, stated in the temporary restraining order she obtained on Tuesday that Matthew Prokop abused her both physically and verbally throughout the last four years they have been dating, according to legal documents that TMZ has reportedly obtained. In the documents, Hyland accuses Matt Prokop of pinning her against a parked car during an argument. He then allegedly put his hands around her neck and began choking her.

In the court documents, Sarah Hyland writes that when Prokop had his hands around her neck “I could not breath or speak.” She added that she was “in fear for my life.” Following their split, Hyland has stated that Prokop sent her “disturbing texts and voice mails,” and that he threatened to commit suicide.

Matt Prokop has not issued any statements on his relationship with Sarah Hyland. Also, so far no charges have been filed against him by Hyland, who seems only like she wants to make sure she does not have anything to do with Prokop in the future.

An inside source who was interviewed by Us Weekly stated that the young actress has no plans to begin dating again anytime in the near future. That decision is completely understandable, especially knowing about the circumstances around her split with Matt Prokop. Fortunately, Sarah Hyland seems to be moving on with her life, though, and attempting to put the past behind her.

Sarah Hyland, at the request of her lawyer, has not publicly commented on the breakup and the court documents, but she has been busily using social media to promote the new season of Modern Family, which she co-stars in. On Instagram, Hyland wrote about the “love” she feels for the people that she works with and stated that she hoped everyone would “enjoy the new season.”

The issue of domestic violence, especially as it pertains to sports figures like NFL’s Ray Rice and his wife, has been in the news a lot lately. Probably, not many of Sarah Hyland’s fans has any inkling that she would also soon be the subject of media attention, due to being allegedly domestically abused by her ex-boyfriend.

Just seeing Sarah Hyland at the Teen Vogue‘s 2014 Young Hollywood issue launch party sends out a powerful signal that the young actress does not intend to let her relationship with Matt Prokop prevent her from forging on with her life and looking forward to smoother sailing ahead. The love and support that Sarah Hyland has received from her family, friends and cast members, including Vanessa Hudgens, Julie Bowen and Ariel Winter, who plays Hyland’s sister, Alex Dunphy, on Modern Family, has helped her get through some of the darkest times of her relationship with Prokop and have emotionally prepared her to move on with her life.

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