Sheryl Underwood Exposed the Queens of Comedy [Video]

Sheryl Underwood Exposes the Queens of Comedy

Comedienne and talk show co-host Sheryl Underwood revealed a secret on The Talk last week when she exposed the Queens of Comedy. The Queens of Comedy was a follow-up to the very successful The Original Kings of Comedy tour and movie. The Queens recorded their stand-up comedy show at the Memphis Orpheum Theatre and included Mo’Nique as the headliner with Adele Givens, Laura Hayes and Sommore.

According to Sheryl, she was invited to join a conference call to learn the details of The Queens of Comedy tour. She reported that she was excited and when it was time for the call she jumped on right on time, and maybe even a little early. To her surprise when she joined the conference call Sheryl said she heard the others on the call talking negatively about her. They were letting her have it, unaware that she was listening, the queens were complaining about her joining their group.Sheryl Underwood Exposes the Queens of Comedy

The Talk co-host said they talked about her appearance, her comedic abilities and wondered why she would even be considered a candidate to join their group. The kicker is they never knew she was on the call and had heard all of their criticisms. Sheryl said she was so shocked that she could not even say anything. She did, however, stay on the phone with her line muted and heard everything they said and even took notes. Admittedly, the 50-year-old comedienne was bruised but said she was not broken.

Sheryl said although she was startled and hurt, she kept her head up and went on to do other things. At the time the secret was revealed, the comedienne said the other ladies still did know she had listened to them talk bad about her. Sheryl said she has moved on in her life and holds no grudges. She forgives the ladies and wishes them well, but believes their negativity has a lot to do with her being right where she is now.

Fellow comedian Rickey Smiley did not hold back once he heard of the secret being shared on air. On his radio show he decided he would expose some things about Sheryl since she was so quick to reveal her secret. Rickey said he had some “not-so-great” experiences with Sheryl and as a result does not do shows with her.

He said Sheryl does her little stuff too, such as arrive to shows early and try to change the direction of the show, get on stage and want to stay all night, manipulate other comedians and promoters. According to Smiley, she is shady and tries to play people against each other. Smiley said Sheryl should consider the skeletons in her closet before she tries to blast her fellow comediennes.

Two of the accused queens did not appreciate Sheryl’s accusations and took to social media to render a response. It does not seem that Sommore was moved enough to comment, but Hayes and Givens were quick with their responses. Although they rendered a response neither comedienne offered a rebuttal, leaving viewers to believe Sheryl spoke the truth when she shared her secret about declining the opportunity to be a part of the Queens of Comedy.

Sheryl said after hearing what her peers in the industry had to say about her she decided against joining the queens on their tour. To hear fellow comediennes put her down on that conference call was disheartening to say the least and The Talk co-host said she could not see herself spending months on the road with people who had no respect for her.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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