Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Trailer Released [Video]


On September 18, the trailer for the latest Tim Burton film, Big Eyes, was released. The film stars Oscar nominee, Amy Adams and Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz and follows the real-life story of painter, Margaret Keane and the legal battle that ensued over infringements of her paintings.

The trailer showcases Adams as Margaret Keane, sporting a 1950’s bleach blonde hairdo. Keane is seen as a sort of recluse who paints numerous portraits of individuals with extremely large and deer-like eyes. Keane believes that no one will see her work and no one will know that she created these works of art, other than her dog.

The trailer continues by revealing how Adams’ character learns to adapt to the modern world and how she stumbles upon a man named Walter, played by Christoph Waltz. The two seemingly fall in love and Margaret reveals her portraits to Walter who believes they are stunning and immediately makes attempts to help Margaret make a profit off of them.

Amy Adams as Margaret Keane in ‘Big Eyes’.

The plot thickens when Walter begins to take all the credit for the creation of Margaret’s big-eyed paintings. Margaret seemingly goes along with the act until she is fed up with her husband’s desire for fortune and begins what seems to be a lethal legal battle between the two.

The trailer, which appears to be a very realistic portrayal of film, features a few sparks of the Tim Burton fantasy elements. Margaret states that the paintings are a part of her very being and the video reveals the painter seeing herself and those around her with the over-sized eyes just as they are in her paintings.

Tim Burton, who is known for his twisted and sometimes creepy take on reality, has approached Big Eyes from a new direction. Burton has not attempted a film based on a true story since Ed Wood in 1994 and has not even directed a film based in the real world since 2003’s Big Fish. With his latest attempts, Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie proving unsuccessful in the box office, Big Eyes may be just the film Burton needs to put him back on Hollywood’s A-List.

In the short time since the trailer’s release, whispers of Oscar contenders have already begun. The obvious new style of direction taken on by Burton is, undoubtably, a possible contender. Both Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz prove to give very striking performances in the film from simply viewing the 2 minute trailer. Waltz has previously won two Oscars in the Best Supporting Actor category for Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. Adams has been nominated for an Oscar five times, but has yet to take home a trophy. Perhaps Big Eyes will change her title from “nominee” to “winner”.

In addition to Big Eyes, Burton has a number of projects in the works. The renowned director is set to produce Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster, Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. Burton’s next directorial effort will be that of the film adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ New York Times Bestseller, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

As the trailer for Tim Burton’s Big Eyes is released and the excitement for the film continues to build, one can only hope Tim Burton will have a successful return to cinema. Big Eyes opens in theaters on Christmas Day and the trailer for the film can be viewed below.

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By Cody Collier

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